Natasha Bedingfield reveals ‘Touch’ music video

Another day reveals another music video and Natasha Bedingfield has just released one to accompany her new single Touch. The song will be the first single from her fourth studio album, the whoreishly titled Strip Me which has no fixed release date yet but should be out by the end of the year.

Directed by Rich Lee, who filmed one of the best music videos of the year with Black Eyed Peas Imma Be Rockin’ That Body. Sadly he does not repeat that feat with this video which is a by-the-numbers performance video with some grainy film footage intercut of people enjoying life. I guess he tried to match the lyrical content of the song with showing everyone being connected in some way but it could have been executed better. To me it looks rushed which is no excuse as the single has been out since May in the US.

The song is quintessential Natasha. Even though it has conformed to the current dance/electropop trends, it has an upbeat, sunny melody with inspirational vocals that only Natasha seems able to pull off. Natasha hasn’t been very relevant in the UK since 2007 with her last single, the gimmicky I Want To Have Your Babies but has enjoyed considerable success with her follow-up singles in the USA as they adopted Natasha into their ranks, quite an achievement when you consider how difficult it is to break into the notorious US market, unless you’ve got Simon Cowell behind you or make bland, dumb dance pop like Jay Sean and Taio Cruz are doing at the moment. However, this single has been out since May as stated above, and Bedingfield’s promotion techniques have been a bit all over the place. Considering that Katy Perry is to release her new album in August as well as some new music from Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Rihanna before the year is out, could Natasha fade away into obscurity like her brother Daniel? With Christina Aguilera’s Bionic failing miserably thanks to shoddy promotion, it’s quite likely that Natasha could meet the same fate.

Or maybe I’m just being too pessimistic? What do you think?

Natasha Bedingfield, Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars give showstopping performances at the ‘Do Something!’ Awards

Some of pop’s more overlooked performers took to the stage for the Do Something awards last night. Natasha Bedingfield performed her new single Touch while Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars performed their hit single Billionaire. Check out the performances below.

Natasha Bedingfield: Touch

Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars: Billionaire

Wow! Both performances were absolutely spectacular! Natasha’s soulful vocal runs are really something to behold and she had the crowd completely hyped. The only thing that bothers me is her strange promotion technique that’s going on with Touch. It was released without warning to iTunes back in late May, performed on Ellen a few days later and then all promotion stopped up until recently. According to “reliable sources”, a music video has been filmed for the music video. Natasha needs to release it Worldwide pronto though because with it’s upbeat, sunny melodies – it needs to chart before the leaves start falling off them trees.

Meanwhile Travie and Bruno (who actually has a large head of hair, something his trademark hat would make you think otherwise) gave a pitch perfect performance of Billionaire. Travie displayed much of the theatrical and campy facial expressions reminiscent of his ex Katy Perry and the dance break while Mars played guitar halfway through has to be commended. The crowd were loving it and sang along. The only people who didn’t look happy were a sullen Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson at the 3.30 mark who were caught on camera seated silently at the back of the room.

No longer relevant, huh?

P.S. Could anyone tell me what Travie and Bruno were singing before they launched into their performance of Billionaire? I know I’ve heard the song before but I just can’t think…

Thanks to Neon Limelight for the images!

Holey moley! Natasha Bedingfield’s alive!

Unless you’ve been living in the US, many of you might have presumed that Natasha Bedingfield has now being resigned to working in the back of her local fish and chips shop down in east end London. You’d be wrong! The British singer-songwriter has actually enjoyed a slew of success in the US with her last album Pocketful Of Sunshine which sadly didn’t take off very well elsewhere despite being a great pop album.

Anyways, Natasha is back again with new track Touch which will act as the lead single from her as of yet untitled fourth studio album. The song incorporates the latest popular dance sound but still contains the upbeat sunny melodies that Natasha has become renowned for.

I like it a lot and she gave a solid performance of the track on Ellen a few days ago. The album will contain productions by Kleerup, Eg White, Sia, Sam Sparro, Salaam Remi and John Hill. You can watch her Ellen performance below as well as hear the studio recording of the track too. I really love the verses of the song. Looking forward to this!