Felicia Day and The Guild encourage you to ‘Game On’ in Bollywood inspired music video!

It’s time I introduced you to one of my future wives biggest celebrity crushes in the actress/writer/singer/director/producer Felicia Day. Felicia Day is the perfect woman, no joke! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous…but she’s funny, smart, talented and not averse to spending hours playing RPG games on her PC. She’s every nerd’s fantasy and is even endearing to guys too cool for gaming and straight girls. YouTube comments don’t lie!

For those of you who don’t know Ms. Day – she’s a professional actress who is best known for starring in works by Joss Whedon, the famously lauded creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. She’s also appearing in an Activia ad, that’s currently doing the rounds on TV I think. But what Felicia is probably best known for is her role in writing, producing and starring in the award winning online series The Guild. The Guild is a web series about six MMORPG gamers who go by their avatar names of Codex (Day), Zaboo (comedian Sandeep Parikh), Vork (comedian Jeff Lewis), Tink, Clara and Bladezz (newcomers Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen and Vincent Caso). The series has a Whedon-esque humour to it and while some of the characters would likely get irritating fast, they are grounded by Felicia Day’s brilliant comic timing as the cute as a button yet socially awkward Codex. Yep, Felicia really is that amazing!

So I guess your asking: “That’s all very nice but what has this got to do with music?” Well, last year The Guild entered their third season and in order to promote that, they released a song and music video called (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar? which parodied RPGs through the medium of a mind-numbingly catchy ’90s dance-pop tune, which I found out about the series from on Unreality Shout. They seem to have turned this event into an annual thing because they are now back with a new Bollywood influenced single called Game On and a hilarious video to match, to promote Season #4.

It actually looks quite slick and fancy for what is ultimately a low budget video so well done to all involved in the production. I will once again gush about Felicia and compliment her on her wonderful singing voice (Indian yodelling included), her songwriting skills (alongside chucklesome co-star Parikh) and her overall sexiness. Not to mention the song being another infectious pop song full of Bollywood beats and video game bleeps. My favourite part of the video is where Zaboo plays Codex’s butt like a keyboard. Lucky bastard!

Anyways enough out of me and let the video do the talking. I’ve also included the first ever episode of The Guild so you can get an idea about the series and its overall tone. You can watch the first three seasons on YouTube with the first four episodes of Season 4 being broadcast over on the cast’s badly laid out official website. Enjoy!

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