WTF? Keri Hilson channeling Lauryn Hill on comeback single?

She may be better known for getting hits off the back of rappers and male singers and in return featuring as the chorus on said rappers singles but it looks like Keri Hilson is serious about being a solo artist guys! While it would be quite easy for her to go down the electropop route as exemplified by hit single I Like and scene stealing parts on Timbaland’s The Way I Are and Scream, Miss Keri Baby has decided to go down the soul route for new doo-wop single Breaking Point.

Confirmed as the lead single from her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, as the album title suggests the album will consist of  “female empowerment anthems” and will be “soul influenced”. Keri also says she inspired by African music, culture and landscape and this is all evidenced on Breaking Point.

Timbaland returns the favor (geddit?) and produces an old school doo-wop R&B tune for the singer-songwriter. Keri mightn’t have the vocal chops of the acclaimed Lauryn Hill but she’s certainly channeling her here, giving us one of her best singing performances yet. It’s also great to see Hilson show a little depth lyrically although female empowerment is nothing new in today’s landscape. Beyoncé’s crazy fans are going to be mad though because Keri sounds practically identical to the sassy entertainer on the spoken middle-eight of this piece.

While Keri is encouraged to go in a pop direction with her music, I’ve always admired how her music is a little more left of field. It’s not true R&B but it’s always influenced by it. I didn’t think much of it at first but her debut album In A Perfect World… is actually a solid collection of songs and I’m anticipating this next one after hearing this.

Could Keri be the dark horse in the battle of the female artists (Britney, Avril, Rihanna) all expected to release new albums at the end of the year? I doubt it but she’s certainly impressed me.

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