Katy Perry prepares to conquer with Teenage Dream music video and new promo singles

Katy Perry superpost here for you guys!

With her new album Teenage Dream only two weeks away from release, hitmaker Katy Perry is on the promotional trail, teasing her fans with some of the new tracks from the record. Also, the video for Teenage Dream – the single that is – has just premiered. You can watch below on Dailymotion. Just take note that the song is slightly sped up from the original so the poor user can avoid copyright issues from the usual spoiled sports.

It’s about time Katy Perry got herself a damn VEVO already. Considering that she had three hit singles in the pipeline before California Gurls spent six weeks at US #1 and with Teenage Dream having already reached #7, I think a VEVO is long overdue. If flops Jedward can get their own VEVO, then Katy should get one too.

Anyways, VEVO rant over! The video is quite interesting as the shock tactics are kept to a minimum after the arguably sexist California Gurls video where Katy took her milk guns out (literally!) to wipe out Snoop Dogg and a bunch of profane gummy bears . Gone are the large assortment of multi-coloured wigs and cotton candy clouds and instead we see Ms. Perry, au natural, on a road trip with her boyfriend, partying with her friends on the beach and in the street and having sex in a sleazy motel room. Yes folks, KP is still selling sex to aid her record sales but with lyrics like “Let’s go all the way tonight/No regrets/Just love”, I guess its understandable. Yes folks, this is the music video where Katy wants to be taken seriously an an artiste.

Personally, I find the clip unexciting and not nearly as fun as California Gurls but I still appreciate it in a way because it allows us to see a little more depth to the singer who so far hasn’t shown much depth beyond her cheeky persona so far.

Two sidenotes though.

  1. Are Indian headdresses the latest fashion accessory in the music industry? Everyone from Ke$ha to N*E*R*D* to Kelis is wearing them!
  2. What was the point in showing Katy staring at her lover boxing in the gym? It seemed a little out of place with the party road-trip theme of the rest of the video and its only purpose seems to be that the director is trying to show of the male model’s abs. But don’t we see them in the sex scene anyway.

Moving on from the Teenage Dream video, Katy has issued two promo singles from the upcoming album which you can listen to first here.

The first promo is Not Like The Movies, a heartfelt piano ballad which is probably being released to iTunes to show a lesser seen, sincere Katy and establish her as an “album artist” rather than a “single artist”. It’s has an understated beauty to it but is probably too subtle to work as an official single.

The second promo is Circle The Drain. Here, the 25-year old channels her inner Alanis Morrisette and Kelly Clarkson for this angry, break-up pop rock tune that deals with a substance abusing lover “who falls asleep during foreplay”. This unfortunately suffers from far too much unnecessary Auto-Tune but there’s a decent pop song buried under there and it doesn’t sound like any other pop song at the minute – minus the excessive Auto-Tune of course! Once they remove the profanity from the track, this could be a hit single.

Speaking of hit singles and because I’m so good to you, Katy Perry’s team have announced that a third promotional single will be released from the album on 17th August and that the third official single from the album will be Firework instead of the suggestive Peacock. There’s only a small snippet of the song posted and normally I don’t post song snippets but because I’m going to so much effort with this entry, I may as well do it. I’m loving what I’m hearing from Firework so far.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the California Gurl’s latest cotton candy scented album or do you think Russell Brand’s fiance’s album will be as contrived as the singer herself?

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