Have a listen to Katy Perry’s third single ‘Firework’?

Oh God! I know my blog has turned into a Katy Perry fansite recently but she’s the only big Worldwide superstar releasing new music at the minute so I feel like I should keep up the posts on her.

So, California Gurls has spent several weeks atop charts across the World and Teenage Dream has got off to a great start so Katy Perry is hardly going to be able to top her two previous singles, right? Wrong! Firework, already confirmed as the third single from the album Teenage Dream, out on Tuesday, is a huge hands in the air anthemic dance rock ballad with a massive chorus. Produced by Stargate, whether you like the track or not, it’s going to be played EVERYWHERE! On the radio, on the music channels, in the dentist’s office, at every major public event until the overexposure of the song drives you crazy and you end up banging your brains out against the nearest hard surface so you can just escape the overplaying of the single. And then it will be played at your funeral.

Anyway, I like the single very much at the minute. Mind you, I said the same about I Gotta Feeling fourteen months ago. Take a listen to the whole Teenage Dream album, which leaked either yesterday or today. Like her previous album, it’s all very hit and miss and sounds like a pop rock version of Ke$ha – which is disappointing because I wanted this album to be great. Oh well, it should have a few decent singles and that will be enough to get Katy through to Album #3. What do you guys think?
Katy Perry – Firework by ileaks
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (2010) by iwantmorenewmusic

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