Natasha Bedingfield, Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars give showstopping performances at the ‘Do Something!’ Awards

Some of pop’s more overlooked performers took to the stage for the Do Something awards last night. Natasha Bedingfield performed her new single Touch while Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars performed their hit single Billionaire. Check out the performances below.

Natasha Bedingfield: Touch

Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars: Billionaire

Wow! Both performances were absolutely spectacular! Natasha’s soulful vocal runs are really something to behold and she had the crowd completely hyped. The only thing that bothers me is her strange promotion technique that’s going on with Touch. It was released without warning to iTunes back in late May, performed on Ellen a few days later and then all promotion stopped up until recently. According to “reliable sources”, a music video has been filmed for the music video. Natasha needs to release it Worldwide pronto though because with it’s upbeat, sunny melodies – it needs to chart before the leaves start falling off them trees.

Meanwhile Travie and Bruno (who actually has a large head of hair, something his trademark hat would make you think otherwise) gave a pitch perfect performance of Billionaire. Travie displayed much of the theatrical and campy facial expressions reminiscent of his ex Katy Perry and the dance break while Mars played guitar halfway through has to be commended. The crowd were loving it and sang along. The only people who didn’t look happy were a sullen Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson at the 3.30 mark who were caught on camera seated silently at the back of the room.

No longer relevant, huh?

P.S. Could anyone tell me what Travie and Bruno were singing before they launched into their performance of Billionaire? I know I’ve heard the song before but I just can’t think…

Thanks to Neon Limelight for the images!

Have a listen to Robyn’s new single ‘Hang With Me’

She may have just released Body Talk Pt. 1 in June but Swedish pop singer Robyn still plans on releasing the album’s next two parts before the year is out. I’ve known for a few weeks now that Robyn intended to release Body Talk Pt. 2 on 6th September so you can imagine how baffled I was to see that she was releasing Hang With Me, a song from Body Talk Pt. 1, on the same day as her new album drops.

Well it turns out that the Hang With Me that’s being released as a single is a dancey, glossier, spruced up version that will appear on Body Talk Pt. 2 rather than the acoustic version that appears on Body Talk Pt.1.

I’m still in love with Robyn’s current single Dancing On My Own and clearly Robyn knows where her strengths are. Hang With Me is yet another vulnerably sang, club banger that’s sure to make you want to dance and cry at the same time. If you’ve heard the acoustic version, then don’t expect much different from this. With a similar production to Dancing On My Own, this follows the formula of  “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”. This will either play to Robyn’s advantage or disadvantage. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Compare the acoustic and dancey version of Hang With Me below and also catch a live performance of Dancing On My Own on the US’ David Letterman Show. It’s particularly charming to see Robyn all shy and awkward at the end of the performance when Letterman meets and greets her afterwards.

P.S. I bet Ellie Goulding’s fuming that Robyn is a much better arm dancer than she will ever be!

Hang With Me:

Hang With Me (Acoustic):

Dancing On My Own (Live On David Letterman):

Shakira reveals title of new album, promises the “best record of (her) career”

Her last album She Wolf may have underperformed (undeservedly) on the charts but Shakira clearly isn’t letting that get her down. The Columbian popstar has just revealed the title to her new bilingual album – Sale El Sol or in English, The Sun Rises. She’s even doing a little bit of bragging about it, claiming that it will be the “best record of my career”.

Here’s what she has to say about the album, according to

“I see it [the new album] as having two currents,” she says. “One is a lot about love and love experiences and emotions. And the other side of it is very joyful, and upbeat.”

Shakira also went on to state that the music is reflective of her native Columbia and the Dominican Republic:

It’s a little more Latin on one side and a little more rock ‘n roll on the other side. I’m very excited about the new album, because it reminds me of different eras and stages of my career. It’s like a synthesis of all these 20 years

The singer then expressed her disappointment that Men In Town from her previous album was never released as a single. So are many fans, Shakira.

I can’t say that I’m really a massive Shakira fan but I really began to appreciate her with the She Wolf album. Not only is she a complete and utter sexbomb but she also has a decent supply of natural quirkiness in her that separates her from other popstars.

You can check out this 30 minute YouTube video below for an extensive video interview with Shakira as well as her Waka Waka performance from the World Cup, before Spain’s victory. The video interview is a must for super-fans and Shakira is as charming as she is beautiful.

Sale El Sol is being released in September. Less than a year after She Wolf, are you excited for it? I think it will be really good.

Lady GaGa performs mini-concert on ‘The Today Show’, could ‘Teeth’ be her next single?

Pop phenomenon Lady GaGa returned to her home city of New York yesterday morning, to host an early morning mini-concert on The Today Show. Tons of her “Little Monsters” gathered outside the night before for a spot of camping so that they wouldn’t miss the Lady next day. Of course, as we’re all aware, GaGa cares about her fans and went to the effort of buying pizza and water for them so they wouldn’t go hungry. All together now: AWWWW!

Despite, to quote the presenters, the “angels crying” (read: heavy rain) GaGa gave four knockout performances. And I just have to say that she looked great! Okay, the 1980s Madonna look might be questionable but she actually looked healthier than I’ve seen her in a long time. The gaunt and painfully thin frame she displayed in the Alejandro video is gone and replaced by a more curvier, smiling GaGa. She’s also ditched that forced ice-princess act, smiling regularly and chatting cordially with the presenters. There was also a huge lack of her usual gimmicks and over-the-top costumes which really let the 24-year-old’s talent shine through.

Clearly GaGa is in a very rock ‘n’ roll mood because aside from mega-hit Bad Romance and current single Alejandro, the rest of the set-list was all very jazzy, bluesy and rocky.

Kicking things off, GaGa performed the Broadway classic Someone To Watch Over Me before quickly transitioning into a shortened down version of Bad Romance. We were then introduced to the first super HQ live performance of You And I. The song will appear on GaGa’s third studio album, due out early next year and contains jazzy elements. Lyrically, it seems to allude to either her first time or her first love. GaGa then lifted her leg up on the piano keys, pounding away as she did so, this being a trademark of the Lady.

After You And I, GaGa performed Alejandro. Ditching the nun habit, it was a decent performance but she does not do a good Spanish accent. Plus GaGa’s live vocals are far more huskier and deeper than they appear on her studio music so I’m hoping she’ll explore more of these genre elements on Album #3.

To finish things off, GaGa performed what could potentially be her next single. According to the announcer, he said it was GaGa’s “single Teeth” but he might have just slipped up there. I personally love the gritty blues of Teeth but many people (including her fans) dislike this track, as its quite a departure from her usual sound. Still, to the casual GaGa fan, they’ve heard nothing but electropop and the odd piano acoustic track from her so it might be a chance to show off her versatility.

Teeth was my favourite performance of the set although I haven’t heard You And I enough yet so I’m liable to change my mind. What did you think of the mini-concert?

The Saturdays give us some details on their new album

T4 On The Beach 2010 | Celebrities | Photos | Pictures | Now Magazine

Pretty much the only relevant girl group in the UK, The Saturdays, have spilled the details on their new album Headlines. I guess you could call Headlines the third studio album but really its more a mini-album like Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster in that the album will be eight tracks long and three of those tracks will be remixes of Wordshaker songs Forever Is Over, Ego and One Shot. Think of it as a clever new way of re-releasing an album.

The album will be released on 16th August, a week after the album’s terrible lead single Missing You. Another song making the tracklisting will be Higher which they’ve performed several times live already. It actually sounds quite promising and will most likely be the second single, continuing The Saturdays trend of underwhelming lead single/brilliant second single.

For more information on the album, you can check out this exclusive video interview with Rochelle and Una over on Digital Spy. In it, they discuss how they’ve had more involvement in the songwriting process, their T4 On The Beach performance, how their sticking to a contemporary pop sound and Mollie’s injuries which preventing her from performing at T4 this year. You can check out the T4 performance of Missing You below as well as some live footage of the brilliant Higher.

A whopping nine performances from Marina & The Diamonds

A whopping nine Glastonbury performances have hit the web today from Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina & The Diamonds. Performances include the singles Hollywood, Obsessions, Mowgli’s Road and new singles Oh No!, set for release in July and it’s September follow-up Shampain. Marina also performed album tracks Numb, Guilty and my personal favourite Are You Satisfied? Marina also broke into a cover rendition of everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure hit by 3OH!3 and Katy PerryStarstrukk.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Marina’s cover of the fast paced pop track, making it very ballad-y but fareplay to her for putting her own quirky twist on the song. It has a certain charm. Marina isn’t the greatest performer yet which probably explains why the crowd were a little dead but her vocals were good and I’ve seen more mundane performances live *cough*Calvin Harris*cough*.

Anyway, have a gander at the nine videos below.

Florence absolutely storms the stage at Glastonbury

To add further to my coverage of the Glastonbury Festival, Florence + The Machine or rather Florence Welch gave some absolutely explosive performances there, even premiering some new material from her forthcoming sophomore album.

Strangeness And Charm is one of those new songs and Hell, I’m excited for it, even from hearing this live performance. The chorus is strangely addictive and I love the mixture of rock instrumentation with the typical classical instrumentation Florence is better known for. I know that the studio recording is just going to be absolutely EPIC! And I can’t wait for the follow up to her Platinum selling album Lungs.

Florence also gave her first live performance of Heavy In Your Arms, which can currently be found on the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which just shows how quickly Florence’s profile has risen. Hell, I had the choice to go and see her at Oxegen last year but sadly passed up on it seeing as she was only starting to get popular in the last year. I hear her performance skills have improved though since.

In the same video for Heavy In Your Arms, you can check out Flozzie’s one time only performance of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. It was brilliant and Florence’s unique vocals really added a nice spin on the song.

The final video shows Florence’s performance of her smash hit Dog Days Over. The performance was truly iconic and emotional. It felt so powerful to see the enormous crowd bob up and down at Florence’s command as she carried off the song’s soaring vocals with aplomb. You can watch all four performances below. I think Florence was probably the highlight of the weekend…so far.