VIDEO MIX: McFly, M.I.A., Scissor Sisters, Jay Sean, Kris Allen and Alexandra Burke

I’m sure it’s probably come to your attention that I’ve been neglecting much of my blogging duties this month. This is partly due to my laptop charger breaking and my laptop being out of action for the first two weeks but it’s also due to me partly being completely disillusioned with the current music scene recently and my new addiction to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Yes, sadly I’m a sucker for the current vampire craze (no pun intended)! Anyway, a crop of music videos have premiered recently. Some only premiered today, others about a week ago. I’ve wasted enough time already so let’s get started.

Mc Fly: Party Girl

Clearly, it’s not just me that’s being immersed in the vampire craze, McFly are wrapped up in the world of fangs and frighteners also. And as depicted in the image above are here to sell the sex too.

The music video is a fast, frantic piece with some really strong visuals but I’m on the fence about McFly’s contrived new direction. Not only does their new single successfully rip off Lady GaGa’s monster electro hit Bad Romance but the guys have also taken a leaf out of Usher and Trey Songz handbook by placing in some gratuitous sex scenes because – y’know – the supernatural and sex are totally in right now, innit?!

What happened to the superhero theme that was supposed to go along with this album? Instead we get a futuristic fantasy horror? Were the McFly guys vampires or werewolves? Plus its a little too similar to the video for Lies from the Radio:ACTIVE era.

Still this is a sharp and sexy comeback single with a sizable hook so I can’t see this NOT doing well. It just comes across a little contrived.


Saviour for the Third World, M.I.A. has FINALLY DELIVERED the music video for XXXO, the official lead single from her third album /\/\ /\ Y /\. The single was released on 12th July but only last week did the music video appear.

So lemme guess, it’s a hugely ambitious music video to rival the ginger genocide and graphic sex depicted in the clip for noisy promo single Born Free? You guessed wrong, I’m afraid. Directed by Hype Williams, the legend who brought us iconic clips for Mariah Carey’s I Want To Know What Love Is and Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight, the video sees a stunning M.I.A. poses in front of a Bollywood animated green screen with some Internet and prehistoric MySpace imagery thrown in to highlight the album’s futuristic, computer driven campaign.

It’s a decent enough music video even though M.I.A. looks a little dead behind the eyes (hey, it works for Britney!) and the concept is well executed with M.I.A. acting like a soulless popstar who is forced to release a commercial single by her record label. So true to life. But the long wait for the video has led to a huge disappointment. I wonder what caused the delay to go on so long. I wonder if it was M.I.A. herself who delayed the video so it would hinder the chart position of the song and fight the record label’s system?

Scissor Sisters: Any Which Way

After shocking us all with their serious single and music video for Fire With Fire, Scissor Sisters are back to their campy best in the video for Night Work‘s second single Any Which Way. The song which – to be blunt – is about getting fucked in as many positions and situtaions as possible is reminiscent of the Bee Gees and much like the Bee Gees, I can’t tell whether I love or hate this song. I certainly enjoyed their Glastonbury performance of the song which featured Kylie Minogue. It’s a pity they didn’t take the opportunity to release a remix featuring Ms. Minogue as the single. It would be snapped up by the gays like wildfire! I also much prefer Ana Matronic’s outrageous breakdown on this live. It sounds horribly restrained here.

The video is fun. Nothing extraordinary happens in it but we get to see the band fool around with numerous colourful effects and slow motion shots. Jake Shears has plenty of natural charisma to carry the video anyway.

Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj: 2012 (It Ain’t The End)

Jay Sean also premiered the music video for his corporate piece of garbage also known as the dance anthem 2012 (It Ain’t The End). I have no respect for Sean because not only is this formulaic, soulless shit but he also had to rope in Nicki Minaj and a video cameo from Birdman to further highlight his unoriginality. I quite like Nicki Minaj’s over-the-top, fast paced rapping until she threw out a “FREE WEEZY” shoutout as if the horse voiced rapper is some kind of martyr.

The video is your typical club video except it’s all original like – because you see people partying from London to Tokyo which has like never happened before in any music video ever! I will give it one point though because Jay looks like he’s having fun as opposed to his usual robotic self. Taio Cruz, take note! Oh and check out the video at 3.04 when Sean can’t contain himself anymore and jizzes all over the poor girl he’s trying to chat up.

Kris Allen featuring Pat Monahan: The Truth

Who? The winner of American Idol 8? Wasn’t that Adam Lambert? Yes in hindsight, it looks like Glambert was the real winner behind American Idol but Kris Allen hasn’t done as badly as people may have expected – he mightn’t have had international success than his former competitor and his eponymous album mightn’t have sold much but his previous single, his own rendition of a Script B-side Live Like We’re Dying did peak at…uh…#18 in the US. Okay, I’m going to stop defending the Arkansas native’s flagging career but keep in mind that he has only released two proper singles while Lambert has released four. (Lambert also got to do the winners song after AI which I think totally undermined Allen).

Anyway, this new single The Truth featuring Pat Monahan of Train fame is a decent second single, a rousing and powerful pop rock ballad from the two able voiced singers. Of course, I said the B word and we all know how ballads do in the charts these days. Case in point: You Lost Me. That said, the track is a radio friendly number and could do well thanks to Allen loyalists and Train’s resurgence in popularity. Neither the song or video are original but there both redeemed by a rousing angsty production and dramatic visuals respectively. I just can’t tell the difference between Pat and Kris’ voice. :O

Alexandra Burke featuring Laza Morgan: Start Without You

After delaying this single so she (or her managment team) could stick another bloody rap feature on one of her singles, Alexandra Burke premiered  the music video for her new RedOne produced single Start Without You.

WOW! Alexandra looks ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DELICIOUS IN THIS VIDEO! I’m in awe and I think I have someone new to obsess over. While the video is a rushed Recession Special, I couldn’t care less as long as I get to drool over Alexandra dancing around in her see through one-piece. But there’s something for everyone in this video as Alex also makes sure she sexually objectifies a bunch of muscular toned men but manages to pull it off because of her charming, sassy personality. I’m telling you she’s clearly taking a leaf out of her idol Beyoncé’s book with her questionable attitude towards men.

Now, this is where my praise ends. I appreciate the new dancehall direction Burke has gone in but this sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to The Jungle Book. To add to the generic quality of Alex’s music, she has another bloody rap feature on the track in the form of Laza Morgan, an American rapper doing a Jafakian accent. This is the second single in a row in which the 23-year-old has reworked a song to feature a pointless rap and her third of her five single catalogue to feature a rap ‘artist’. Honestly, it’s all incredibly contrived and desperate looking. Alexandra should be allowed to stand on her own two feet because these rap features don’t improve the quality of the song but actually hinder it. And I don’t think the urban crowd will enjoy a few sparse lines from an unknown rapper either.

The last minute edition of Morgan to the song have reports suggesting that Alex had to re-film her music video to include him and so this clip we’re seeing is rushed out. Others have speculated that the original tropical video, which you can see a still of below, was scrapped because the single would now be released in September instead of August and others have stated that the original music video is being used to promote the video as Alexandra’s first US single. I think the last option is most likely considering most rap features are copied and pasted into the video and record labels rarely care about what season they release a song in. What do you think?

Felicia Day and The Guild encourage you to ‘Game On’ in Bollywood inspired music video!

It’s time I introduced you to one of my future wives biggest celebrity crushes in the actress/writer/singer/director/producer Felicia Day. Felicia Day is the perfect woman, no joke! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous…but she’s funny, smart, talented and not averse to spending hours playing RPG games on her PC. She’s every nerd’s fantasy and is even endearing to guys too cool for gaming and straight girls. YouTube comments don’t lie!

For those of you who don’t know Ms. Day – she’s a professional actress who is best known for starring in works by Joss Whedon, the famously lauded creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. She’s also appearing in an Activia ad, that’s currently doing the rounds on TV I think. But what Felicia is probably best known for is her role in writing, producing and starring in the award winning online series The Guild. The Guild is a web series about six MMORPG gamers who go by their avatar names of Codex (Day), Zaboo (comedian Sandeep Parikh), Vork (comedian Jeff Lewis), Tink, Clara and Bladezz (newcomers Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen and Vincent Caso). The series has a Whedon-esque humour to it and while some of the characters would likely get irritating fast, they are grounded by Felicia Day’s brilliant comic timing as the cute as a button yet socially awkward Codex. Yep, Felicia really is that amazing!

So I guess your asking: “That’s all very nice but what has this got to do with music?” Well, last year The Guild entered their third season and in order to promote that, they released a song and music video called (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar? which parodied RPGs through the medium of a mind-numbingly catchy ’90s dance-pop tune, which I found out about the series from on Unreality Shout. They seem to have turned this event into an annual thing because they are now back with a new Bollywood influenced single called Game On and a hilarious video to match, to promote Season #4.

It actually looks quite slick and fancy for what is ultimately a low budget video so well done to all involved in the production. I will once again gush about Felicia and compliment her on her wonderful singing voice (Indian yodelling included), her songwriting skills (alongside chucklesome co-star Parikh) and her overall sexiness. Not to mention the song being another infectious pop song full of Bollywood beats and video game bleeps. My favourite part of the video is where Zaboo plays Codex’s butt like a keyboard. Lucky bastard!

Anyways enough out of me and let the video do the talking. I’ve also included the first ever episode of The Guild so you can get an idea about the series and its overall tone. You can watch the first three seasons on YouTube with the first four episodes of Season 4 being broadcast over on the cast’s badly laid out official website. Enjoy!

Katy Perry prepares to conquer with Teenage Dream music video and new promo singles

Katy Perry superpost here for you guys!

With her new album Teenage Dream only two weeks away from release, hitmaker Katy Perry is on the promotional trail, teasing her fans with some of the new tracks from the record. Also, the video for Teenage Dream – the single that is – has just premiered. You can watch below on Dailymotion. Just take note that the song is slightly sped up from the original so the poor user can avoid copyright issues from the usual spoiled sports.

It’s about time Katy Perry got herself a damn VEVO already. Considering that she had three hit singles in the pipeline before California Gurls spent six weeks at US #1 and with Teenage Dream having already reached #7, I think a VEVO is long overdue. If flops Jedward can get their own VEVO, then Katy should get one too.

Anyways, VEVO rant over! The video is quite interesting as the shock tactics are kept to a minimum after the arguably sexist California Gurls video where Katy took her milk guns out (literally!) to wipe out Snoop Dogg and a bunch of profane gummy bears . Gone are the large assortment of multi-coloured wigs and cotton candy clouds and instead we see Ms. Perry, au natural, on a road trip with her boyfriend, partying with her friends on the beach and in the street and having sex in a sleazy motel room. Yes folks, KP is still selling sex to aid her record sales but with lyrics like “Let’s go all the way tonight/No regrets/Just love”, I guess its understandable. Yes folks, this is the music video where Katy wants to be taken seriously an an artiste.

Personally, I find the clip unexciting and not nearly as fun as California Gurls but I still appreciate it in a way because it allows us to see a little more depth to the singer who so far hasn’t shown much depth beyond her cheeky persona so far.

Two sidenotes though.

  1. Are Indian headdresses the latest fashion accessory in the music industry? Everyone from Ke$ha to N*E*R*D* to Kelis is wearing them!
  2. What was the point in showing Katy staring at her lover boxing in the gym? It seemed a little out of place with the party road-trip theme of the rest of the video and its only purpose seems to be that the director is trying to show of the male model’s abs. But don’t we see them in the sex scene anyway.

Moving on from the Teenage Dream video, Katy has issued two promo singles from the upcoming album which you can listen to first here.

The first promo is Not Like The Movies, a heartfelt piano ballad which is probably being released to iTunes to show a lesser seen, sincere Katy and establish her as an “album artist” rather than a “single artist”. It’s has an understated beauty to it but is probably too subtle to work as an official single.

The second promo is Circle The Drain. Here, the 25-year old channels her inner Alanis Morrisette and Kelly Clarkson for this angry, break-up pop rock tune that deals with a substance abusing lover “who falls asleep during foreplay”. This unfortunately suffers from far too much unnecessary Auto-Tune but there’s a decent pop song buried under there and it doesn’t sound like any other pop song at the minute – minus the excessive Auto-Tune of course! Once they remove the profanity from the track, this could be a hit single.

Speaking of hit singles and because I’m so good to you, Katy Perry’s team have announced that a third promotional single will be released from the album on 17th August and that the third official single from the album will be Firework instead of the suggestive Peacock. There’s only a small snippet of the song posted and normally I don’t post song snippets but because I’m going to so much effort with this entry, I may as well do it. I’m loving what I’m hearing from Firework so far.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the California Gurl’s latest cotton candy scented album or do you think Russell Brand’s fiance’s album will be as contrived as the singer herself?

Natasha Bedingfield reveals ‘Touch’ music video

Another day reveals another music video and Natasha Bedingfield has just released one to accompany her new single Touch. The song will be the first single from her fourth studio album, the whoreishly titled Strip Me which has no fixed release date yet but should be out by the end of the year.

Directed by Rich Lee, who filmed one of the best music videos of the year with Black Eyed Peas Imma Be Rockin’ That Body. Sadly he does not repeat that feat with this video which is a by-the-numbers performance video with some grainy film footage intercut of people enjoying life. I guess he tried to match the lyrical content of the song with showing everyone being connected in some way but it could have been executed better. To me it looks rushed which is no excuse as the single has been out since May in the US.

The song is quintessential Natasha. Even though it has conformed to the current dance/electropop trends, it has an upbeat, sunny melody with inspirational vocals that only Natasha seems able to pull off. Natasha hasn’t been very relevant in the UK since 2007 with her last single, the gimmicky I Want To Have Your Babies but has enjoyed considerable success with her follow-up singles in the USA as they adopted Natasha into their ranks, quite an achievement when you consider how difficult it is to break into the notorious US market, unless you’ve got Simon Cowell behind you or make bland, dumb dance pop like Jay Sean and Taio Cruz are doing at the moment. However, this single has been out since May as stated above, and Bedingfield’s promotion techniques have been a bit all over the place. Considering that Katy Perry is to release her new album in August as well as some new music from Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Rihanna before the year is out, could Natasha fade away into obscurity like her brother Daniel? With Christina Aguilera’s Bionic failing miserably thanks to shoddy promotion, it’s quite likely that Natasha could meet the same fate.

Or maybe I’m just being too pessimistic? What do you think?

Robyn wants you to ‘Hang With Me’…I mean her…in new video

A few days after releasing the danced up new single Hang With Me from Body Talk Pt.2, Robyn has unveiled the music video to accompany that very song. For the vulnerable dance ballad, something of a forté for Robyn recently, the clip is made up of tour footage.

Now I know I bitched and whined about Paramore’s Careful video being the exact same thing but as far as I recall this is Robyn’s first tour video as opposed to her third and it suits the lyrical content of being able to hang with her on tour as opposed to Paramore joking about on camera when the song was about paranoia.

Plus since Robyn is not a part of a band, some shots manage to depict her as a lonely sort of oddball which makes you want to hug her as well as suiting the vulnerable nature of the song. Plus its much better edited.

Apologies, I didn’t mean to make this a Robyn vs. Paramore post because as anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a big Paramore fan and love all their songs but Robyn has quite frankly grown on me a lot recently. I’m finally starting to see the hype!

Check out the video below.

Olly Murs enjoys the English Summer in ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ video

X-Factor alumnus Olly Murs has premiered the music video for his debut single Please Don’t Let Me Go. The single is set for a release date of August 30 with his debut album to follow shortly.

I just find this song and video bland. It’s not a bad song just unmemorable and hardly has me excited for Olly Murs, the popstar. Seriously, it sounds like a Z-grade track by Jack Johnson or Joshua Radin. Now there may be two reasons, I’m unhappy with this. Number 1, I’m sick of these X-Factor artists. Honestly, with Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS, Diana Vickers, Laura White, Rhydian Roberts, Joe McElderry, Ruth Lorenzo, Jedward, Stacey Solomon, Same Difference, The Unconventionals and Olly all out and making music, there’s just too much generic X-Factor crap in the charts. Number 2, an X-Factor song is supposed to grab you on first listen or else you’re going to flop. Or become a one hit wonder. Will Olly Murs be the new Daniel Powter?

The music video is a little bland also but I’m glad Murs didn’t head off to some tropical destination and kept the action in native seaside England where he attends a party, finds a girl and sings at her, sometimes wearing his hat and sometimes not.

So what do you think of the new Olly Murs song and music video? Are you the opposite of me and love the song? Do you think Olly’s cheeky chappie good looks will help him survive the industry?

Taylor Momsen gives me serious Courtney Love vibes on video for The Pretty Reckless’ Miss Nothing

Pretentious yet talented rock brat Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless are set to release their debut record Light Me Up on 31st August and ahead of this, the video for their second single Miss Nothing has appeared.

This song is an absolute smash. Despite its grungy 1990s sound with the accompanying video having the same feel, the track has enough pop smarts to ensure that it has some major crossover appeal.

The video is a bit clichéd with Gossip Girl frontwoman Taylor stealing all the limelight away from her mute bandmates in the background. She writhes around on the table, throws food about and flirts aggressively with her bandmates. The sexy 16-year-old won’t particularly like this but she’s giving off serious Hole vibes, she looks like a young, less washed up Courtney Love with her raccoon style eyes and long scraggly blonde hair.

But is Momsen a good role model for young girls? Seriously all that writhing around just makes her out to be a more subtle form of pop slut, hence giving into the system by selling sex to sell records. Having just turned 19, I think I can drool over Taylor but when she does that in front of her much older bandmates and with a lot of old pervs online, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable for her.