Enrique Iglesias unleashes ‘Euphoria’ tracklisting

Latino heartthrob Enrique Iglesias is back with his ninth studio album Euphoria a bilinigual album about “setting your problems aside and having some fun”. That seems to be the memo on every popstar’s list these days. The album will release two lead singles – one in English and the other in Spanish.

Now, I’ll confess – I consider Enrique’s music a guilty pleasure, it’s generally fun, catchy stuff. However the lead English single from the album – the RedOne produced I Like It will not be a guilty pleasure because the song is ANNOYING with a capital A. And it’s not Pitbull’s rap or Lionel Richie’s re-recorded All Night Long sample, it’s Enrique’s excessive use of robo-voice where it’s not needed at all! The track is as catchy as swine flu so it should be another hit for Iglesias but the sooner the Auto-Tune trend is out of the way the better.

The second lead single Cuando Me Enamoro featuring Juan Luis Guerra is a much better track but not speaking a word of Spanish, I haven’t a clue what they’re singing about. The video for the track, however, does feature gorgeous Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz (a.k.a. Hilda Suarez). You can check out the album tracklisting below as well as the official videos for the two lead singles below. Enrique is completely in love with himself in both videos (I confess I’m jealous)!

Tracklisting for Enrique Iglesias’ Euphoria:

1. Cuando Me Enamoro (featuring Juan Luis Guerra)
2. No Me Digas Que No (featuring Wisin & Yandel)
3. Ayer
4. Dile Que
5. I Like It (featuring Pitbull and Lionel Richie)
6. One Day at a Time (featuring Akon)
7. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
8. Dirty Dancer (featuring Usher)
9. Tu Y Yo
10. No Me Digas Que No
11. Heartbreaker
12. Coming Home

The album is available on 2nd July in Netherlands and Ireland, 5th July Worldwide and 6th July in North America.

Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull and Lionel Richie: I Like It

Enrique Iglesias featuring Juan Luis Guerra: Cuando Me Enamoro

Meet Pussycat Dolls 3.0

^^^Well look at these classy ladies above.

Yes, the one in the middle outshining the other four is Nicole Scherzinger while the other four ladies by her side are – the brand (and I use the word ‘brand’ for a reason) new Pussycat Dolls.

When Nicole candidly said that “uh-a couple of girls have left the band”, did we really think she meant all of them? I know it was always about Nicole but it’s pretty sad to see the original four backing dancers in her band so easily replaced. Anyways, the four new ladies names are Jamie Ruiz, Rino Nakasone-Razalan, Kherington Payne and Vanessa Curry.

Jamie tried and failed to get into PCD spin-off group Girlicious, Rino was one of the Harajuku Girls who you might find lurking about a Gwen Stefani video, Kherrington starred in Fame and Glee and Vanessa – well, she was a mistress of basketball star Kobe Bryant. A classy bunch. I bet Kherrington will be the new Melody Thornton and try and steal the spotlight from the crazy diva Nicole.

Don’t expect a PCD reunion just yet…Nicole is currently in the midst of her solo career with new single Nobody Can Change Me. As for the original now departed PCD members…well…Melody Thornton looks like she’s heading down the washed up reality TV show route. Jessica Sutta and Ashley Roberts are not doing anything, last time I heard Carmit Bachar was singing about her “milky way” but Kimberly Wyatt seems to be doing well for herself by scoring a Top 10 hit with Aggro Santos in the UK with the song Candy.

Can Nicky get a hit? Nobody Can Change Me, her new single premieres

Phew! Now that I’ve copied and pasted my first 16 Singles Reviews Diaries from their original homes on various Internet sites to here, I can bring you all the latest goings-on in music. I apologise for my amateur way with this blog but it is my first – so I can only get better. And I’m completely committed.

Anyhow, the woman generally referred to in blogdom as Nicole Flopzinger is still forging away with her solo career, three years after releasing Whatever U Like, the ‘lead single’ from her long shelved debut album Her Name Is Nicole. Yesterday, Nicole went ahead and released a brand new single – Nobody Can Change Me. Scherzinger previously referred to the song as being “empowering” and “very much like the Pussycat Dolls” so it should be a Worldwide hit – right? Take a listen below:

Sadly for Nicole, this doesn’t look like its going to be a super smash. In fact, it’s unlikely that the song will make a dent in the chart at all – the track is a cute mid-tempo that works just fine for Summer. It has an uplifting sound but doesn’t cash in on the current electro craze at all – apart from in the vocal department where Nicole’s voice is needlessly layered with Auto-Tune. This irritating vocal style has probably led to bloggers across the Internet universally panning the new single.

I have to say, I feel sorry for Nicole. The woman clearly wants a hit by herself even though she pretty much IS the Pussycat Dolls.  I also feel that this is a song forced upon her by her record label because Scherzinger is hoping to go “a little more rock, funk, soul edge” on her album (if it’s ever released).

I doubt Nobody Can Change Me will set the charts alight in the US (prove me wrong US readers) but may do well in good ole’ UK. Time will tell I suppose.