Christina shows she can do classy in her ‘You Lost Me’ video

“I am done” whimpers Christina Aguilera on the first line of her new single You Lost Me. The second official video from her poorly selling comeback LP Bionic sees Christina leave the 1940s wigs, the drag queen make-up and the provocative outfits to her younger contemporaries like Rihanna and Lady GaGa and settles on the one thing that helps her stand out from the crowd – her voice!

Directed by Anthony Mandler, the video for Christina’s spectacular new ballad You Lost Me is a simple yet dramatic affair. We see the 29-year old mother of one  move around several different environments, occasionally crying over the dismal performance of Bionic and fighting with her toned and topless record executive over his forcing her to release Not Myself Tonight. The dramatics by Xtina in this video accentuate her over-the-top persona to perfection but it still manages to be a classy affair, a far cry from the softcore chlamydia fest that was the Not Myself Tonight video.

All jokes aside…hubba hubba! Aguilera shows us the perfect example that when popstars tone down their “creative” fashionista image, they really do show why they are stars and the rest of us are mere mortals. Dressed in a loose skimy sweater, wearing make-up that doesn’t look like it was put on with a shovel and sporting a long, wavy do – I haven’t had these kind of feelings for Christina in a long time. I haven’t been this turned on since the Genie In A Bottle days. (Okay, so I was eight years old when that song was released but she was definitely one of my first crushes alongside Britney Spears). The video is also well executed although some may deem it “boring”.

Now the question is: can You Lost Me save Bionic from the never-ending abyss of darkness, i.e. increase sales? Back in her Stripped days, Dirrty was a flop but the album was saved by signature ballad Beautiful. That said, Dirrty only flopped in the US while it cracked the Top 10 elsewhere. Plus ballads are just not popular now. I think this song is beautiful and aside from her big ego and questionable attitude towards the limits of exposing your sexuality, Christina does seem like an intelligent, level headed young married mother who supports another charity so maybe it’s high time the record buying public smiles upon her and brings her back to the top of the pop game.


Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ gets the dance remix treatment

Unlucky former superstar Christina Aguilera is set to release the video for her new single, the beautiful ballad You Lost Me on Thursday. In the meantime, Grammy award winning DJ Hex Hector; and Mac Quayle have given the song a club remix that is sure to get everyone moving on the dancefloor.

The good thing about this remix is that the two DJs haven’t messed with the song too much, simply adding a fast paced electro backing in place of the piano on the album version and the R&B beats on the single version.

I think the album version of You Lost Me is damn near perfect but seeing as ballads are not ‘in’ these days, maybe this club remix could be used instead of the rather terrible single version that’s currently being used. It would show that Xtina can do dance pop and remain classy as opposed to her performance of Not Myself Tonight. Have a listen above.

Now normally, I don’t post video previews because I think they make for pointless and irrelevant posts once the full video premieres but I just have to point out that I have a boner for Christina after several years. Seriously, after years of drag queen make-up and nasty ass wigs, Christina ditches them and looks unchanged from her Genie In The Bottle days back in 1999 below. Stunning!

The video will be directed by Anthony ‘Russian Roulette‘ Mandler. If I know him, this video is going to be both overly dramatic and over-the-top.

Christina Aguilera unveils artwork for new single ‘You Lost Me’

EDIT: You Lost Me will be released as the next single in the UK and Ireland in September. It’s pretty safe to say it will probably be released Worldwide, except in Australia.

It looks like someone snapped a picture of Christina Aguilera while she was crying over the poor sales figures for Bionic because it’s being used as the artwork for her new US single You Lost Me.

Beautiful artwork aside (no sarcasm really!), this track sees Xtina ditch the trashy electropop sound of Not Myself Tonight for her forté of ballads with the beautiful and sublime You Lost Me. I really like this haunting lullaby as it showcases Aguilera’s vocals without the crazy vocal histronics. You can listen to the album version below.

However, the genius marketing team behind Bionic mustn’t think the track is mainstream enough so the song has got the remix treatment for  radio, adding a few drum claps here and there, giving the song a more contemporary R&B feel. I know I prefer the album version. Listen to the remix below.

You Lost Me Radio Remix by TPBSecretLeaks

In Australia, I Hate Boys is being released as the next single which is a juvenile and lyrically inappropriate dance track that sounds ridiculous coming from a 29-year old married mother of one. Take a listen below to hear the monstrosity.

There is no word on what the next single will be outside the US and Australia though. If you’ve listened to Bionic, what would you like to see as the next single after the poor performance of Not Myself Tonight and the single that never was Woo-Hoo? I hear it’s quite the eclectic (yet inconsistent) album so there should be something in there for everyone.

Singles Reviews Diary 10 – 9th April 2010

I’m back with next week’s Singles Reviews Diary. Sorry, its a bit late. My life is pretty stressful and busy at the moment as I’ve already said above.

Singles Reviews Diary 10 – 9th April 2010:

01. AFI: Beautiful Thieves
American rock bands appear to be all making comebacks at the same time. Much like recent offerings from 30 Seconds To Mars and Coheed & Cambria, this is a serviceable rock tune that should keep their fans happy. The song itself is nothing new, it has soft verses and a big growly chorus. Heard it all before.

02. Ash: Dare To Dream
Another decent but hardly groundbreaking tune from Ash’s
A-Z Series. So so difficult to listen to it anywhere on the Internet without buying it first. Which just goes to show the lack of promotion surrounding this band. 2.5 STARS

03. Bananarama: Love Don’t Live Here
Reformed pop duo Bananarama are back with this string heavy dance number. I’m not a Bananarama fan but I honestly can’t see this doing well. It sounds like it belongs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest or an ABBA song without the great pop hooks.

04. Cascada: Pyromania
Cascada make two types of music. Either Hi-NRG Eurotrash or GaGa aping dance pop tracks. After scoring their biggest hit last Summer by ripping of Lady GaGa’s
Just Dancewith Evacuate The Dancefloor, the group haven’t been so lucky since. Follow-up singles have been the stale Eurotrash we’ve come to expect from Cascada and they have flopped spectacularly. Are people getting tired of Cascada? Well, they are clearly trying to remain current by ripping of GaGa again, this time her mega successful singlePoker Face. And honestly, Pyromania is a complete and utter rehash of Poker Face, its got RedOne style beats, dark lyrical undertones and stuttering hooks sang by an anonymous robotic male voice. “Pyro-pyro-pyro-mania-muh-muh-muh!” Hmmm sounds familliar? However, I prefer Cascada when they’re ripping of GaGa instead of producing their usual tunes. 2.5 STARS

05. Christina Aguilera: Not Myself Tonight
Christina is back!!! And while the lead single from her much anticipated forthcoming album
Bionic isn’t as innovative as she’d lead you to believe, its definitely a strong return for the pop princess. With this song, Xtina takes your average club track, adds a bit of alternative edge that was found on Britney’s Blackout and throws her ear-shattering vocals over the track, making this sound fresh and appealing. One of the best house-R&B tracks I’ve heard in a while anyway. 4 STARS

06. Darwin Deez: Radar Detector
Can’t believe I nearly passed up the chance to review this. This is a fantastic, bouncy pop rock song that has got me thinking about Summer. It does get annoying towards the end when he repeats
“You are a radar detector” over and over again but its still one of the best tracks I’ve heard this week. I’m hoping the unknown Darwin gets lots of exposure with track. The official video even has a load of school kids miming along to the song. That’s sure to make a lot of people go “AWWWW!” 4.5 STARS

07. Eliza Doolittle: Skinny Genes
Yet another ‘quirky’ pop singer. This 1960s sounding number is a grower, has a whistling hook. It’s a pleasant number but not very different from what Rox or the Noisettes are doing at the moment.

08. Fatboy Slim featuring Lazy Rich: Weapon Of Choice 2010
Lazy Rich adds a modern touch to the 2001 Fatboy Slim classic. Yawn! This business of modernising songs by throwing a few stale house beats over them doesn’t slide well with me at all. It just seems like a way for DJs to cash in on an already well know song. At least he’s introducing the song to a whole new generation, I guess. I’ll enjoy this when I’m drunk.

09. Frank Turner: Isabel
I’m actually surprised by how much I like this one. Amongst crashing guitars and melodic pianos, Frank Turner professes his love for a girl named Isabel. I think like the understated quality to the song. Very good.

10. Futureheads: Heartbeat Song
A short yet sweet post punk track with a big catchy chorus and plenty of energy. Like this a lot. Its been a while since we’ve had a singalong indie track so its welcome with me. A strong comeback single from forthcoming album
The Chaos. 4 STARS

11. HonoRebel featuring Pitbull and Jump Smokers: Now You See It (Shake That Ass)
The hook of this song is
“Baby shake that ass for me!” Yep, enough said. This will probably be a huge hit in the clubs but basically sounds like everything else Pitbull puts his name to…CRAP! 1 STAR

12. Jay-Z featuring Swiss Beatz: On To The Next One
It mightn’t be as memorable as
Run This Town or Empire State Of Mind but the fifth single from Jigga’s The Blueprint III proves to be hypnotic and dark in material. Sure the constant repetition of the song’s title in the background can get a bit irritating after a while but Jay-Z, despite being in his 40s, is showing all why he’s the biggest rapper in the game with another strong single in his catalogue. 4 STARS

13. Kate Nash: Do-Wah-Doo
Much like Scouting For Girls, it looks like Kate Nash will impress me with her lead single and then irritate me to death with her follow-ups. This is a really strong comeback for Miss Nash though. I think many people have forgotten about her and this is perfect for showing the World that she’s back! Amongst surf guitars and pounding piano melodies, Kate Nash sings about that two faced cow she hates. You have to love that ba-da-ba hook too. The final word of the song ensures that the song ends with a bang instead of a whimper.

14. Katherine Jenkins: Fear Of Falling
Katherine Jenkins is back with the fourth single from her successful album
Believe. This is typical classical music but softer sounding than her previous offerings from the album, almost sound like it belongs on a Disney soundtrack. 3 STARS

15. Lostprophets: For He’s A Jolly Good Felon
Lostprophets release my favourite song from their album
The Betrayed. This is an infectious arena rocker with plenty of strong hooks. It also has a bit of an American sound which should see it perform well internationally if it gets the right promotion. Which I doubt. 😦 5 STARS

16. Platnum: Emotionally Tired
Manchester bassline trio Platnum scored a huge #1 hit back in February 2008 with their infectious collaboration with HtwoO
What’s It Gonna Be and followed it up nine months later with the equally infectious LoveShy (Thinking About You). Yet no album has come about yet and a year and a half later, they have a new single which is presumably the third single from the album. Anyways, this lacks the strong catchiness of their previous singles, it’s dull and may suggest that Platnum will grate on ones nerves with repeat exposure. I vaguely remember What’s It Gonna Be getting on my nerves actually. This song is, to quote M.I.A., Ibiza music. 1 STARS

17. Professor Green featuring Ed Drewett: I Need You Tonight
Well, isn’t this a witty little number? While the INXS sample does overpower Professor Green cocky rapping and Drewett’s Calvin Harris-esque vocals, it is also the most ear catching part of it. This is light and harmless fluff that’s perfect for the dancefloor. It’s also likeable unlike the light and harmless fluff, of say, Pitbull. The song is still even bearable when Prof. Green talks about how he’s a pimp and how women throw themselves at him really! Good stuff.

18. Selena Gomez & The Scene: Naturally
I really think Disney are getting better at making music for people over the age of six. The BFF of Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez mightn’t have the vocal chops of Demi Lovato but
Naturally is actually a fairly decent electro pop rock tune. Gomez and her band aren’t breaking any new ground on the teen pop tune but compare this to the Lizzie Maguires and Mandy Moores of yesteryear, things are looking up. 3 STARS

19. The Temper Trap: Science Of Fear
After their soothing and melodic sleeper hit
Sweet Disposition, Aussie rockers The Temper Trap are back with a more heavier offering than their aforementioned hit single. It’s a functional enough indie rock track with swooping strings and some experimentation but at over 6 minutes long, it lacks the radio appeal of Sweet Disposition. 3.5 STARS

20. The Unconventionals: Top Of The World
The Unconventionals are a six piece group that made the Final 12 in Series 3 of
The X-Factor and were eliminated in the first live show. They’re a decent group of singers with some lovely harmonising but only cheesy pop fans will like this cheery yet dated mid-tempo. 1.5 STARS

21. Wale featuring Gucci Mane and Weensey: Pretty Girls
If you thought Wale was a boring hip popper after hearing his Lady GaGa assisted hit
Chillin’ back in August, then you’ll be surprised to hear that he really shakes things up on his second single. There’s a strong hook sang by Weensey of go-go band Backyard Band and the song itself has a funky rhythm although I doubt poor Wale will crossover again. There are better songs on his rather good rap record Attention: Deficit but this is one of the more radio friendly. 3.5 STARS