Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj team up for the incredible ‘Knockout’

Lil’ Wayne might be locked up and in jail but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his music career behind bars. The rapper turned temporary rocker has just premiered the video for new single Knockout. The clip directed by David Rosseau features current ‘it’ femcee Nicki Minaj. Check it out:

There are very few artists in the music industry who I don’t like but Lil’ Wayne is one of them. I just find him completely vile – from his slimy overly Auto-Tuned voice to his completely tattooed, silver toothed looks. However, this song is a win and one of the prime reasons I bought his surprisingly good album Rebirth. Most people seem to hate this new direction for Wayne but I never got why America and other rap critics treated him like a ‘saviour of rap’. All I heard was Auto-Tuned whining. The Aut0-Tuned whining is here too but it’s bearable thanks to the fast paced verses, the Summery Blink-182-esque guitar backing and of course Nicki Minaj.

Nicki seems to have divided critics and public alike but her contribution to this song really adds to the Summer party feel. Cooing out a surprisingly sexy chorus, things really take off when she spits out her rapped verses. “Aww fuck it, give me that damn bucket, when I throw this pussy, you better not start ducking” mightn’t be the classiest line in the World but it’s all in the delivery. Lil’ Wayne’s big breakdown in the end of “JUST KNOCK ME OUT!” even sounds suitably angsty.

The video really isn’t much. Considering Lil’ Wayne shot this alongside nine other music videos before going in the slammer, he obviously didn’t have much time. It’s funny though because it does make the CGI in Sugababes’ Wear My Kiss look like Avatar. Knockout is available to buy now.


Germany bring home Eurovision Gold with ‘Satellite’

Germany proved victorious last night at the 55th Eurovision Contest with 19 year old singer Lena scoring the top score of 246 points with her catchy toe-tapper Satellite. View her performance below:

All bias aside for my home country of Ireland, I think Satellite was a deserved winner. While the song does have the potential to be highly irritable if overplayed on the radio, it’s a fun catchy pop song that sounds like it belongs to a more upbeat, less dreamy Ellie Goulding. You see it actually sounds like it belongs in today’s music industry rather than dated or completely cheesy. The Eurovision is no different from today’s music industry. You’ve got to have a contemporary and incredibly catchy song sang by a talented (and possibly young, reasonably sexy) singer. Include gimmicks if you like but make sure the act is talented – this is a primary example of why Lady GaGa is currently the World’s biggest popstar.

The UK has plenty of talented singers and bands, send one of them. Josh Dubovie is a good looking guy with a decent enough singing voice (apart from his fail singing at the end of his performance below) but don’t give him a cheesy song that made Schooch’s Flying The Flag look like the height of pop sophistication. People tend to think the Eurovision is cheesy – it’s not! Just because a large proportion of  mainland Europe send some cheap Eurodance act over  to Eurovision doesn’t mean they’ll win. Look back at some of the previous winners or successful participants in previous Eurovisions – Lordi might have dressed as gimmicky monsters but they produced trash metal with an infectious chorus (who can forget “HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH!”),  tAtU might have done the gimmicky faux lesbian thing but All The Things She Said is probably one of the ’00s greatest pop songs. And last year’s winner – Alexander Rybak just had a song that grabbed you on first listen and he was memorable because of his energetic violin playing. UK and Spain sadly went for cheesy acts, which probably described UK’s last position. If Spain hadn’t been interrupted, they would have probably came much lower. Check out UK and Spain’s performances below.

And Ireland…oh where do I start! I was laughing at Marty Whelan’s commentary has he described himself “astonished” at Ireland’s measly 25 points, putting us in third last place. I’m sure Marty expected us to have a runaway victory or at least do well because Niamh Kavanagh previously won the competition. Wrong Marty! Niamh has a fantastic voice and she performed the song well live but giving her the poor man’s version of
My Heart Will Go On was not a good move. Like I said, you need a song that will grab you on first listen and sounds contemporary. The song sounded like a Part 2 to her previous  winning entry In Your Eyes from 1993! Ireland almost got it right last year when they sent Black Daisy to represent us in the Eurovision. But the (out of touch) higher powers that thought Black Daisy’s lead singer and music was too “edgy” for Eurovision sent them along with girl next door Sinéad Mulvey and gave them a B*Witched B-side to sing. If Black Daisy had performed Disturbing New Fashion instead, they would have qualified past the semi-final and maybe have even won it. Disturbing New Fashion had a pop chorus at its centre but a much needed sexiness and edge to make sure it goes all the way. Check out Niamh’s performance, the B*Witched B-side and the amazing Disturbing New Fashion below.

Yeah, so I should choose Ireland’s next entry to Eurovision. Ireland have always prided themselves in being too down-to-earth and not fans of all that over-the-top shite but newsflash, showbiz is over-the-top. If we want success, we have to send someone talented who isn’t afraid to be gimmicky.

Anyways, Turkey, Romania and Belgium were rather good too. Talented, contemporary acts. Watch their performances below.

Kanye back with Power-ful new single

Now that the dust has settled around his infamous hijacking of the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, the public look ready to forgive Kanye West as he prepares the lead single from his forthcoming album Good Ass Job. The single is called Power and it sees a return to hip-hop for Mr. West after foraying into electro on his last album, the critically acclaimed 808s & Heartbreak. Take a listen below:
K p by user9196076
I think it’s safe to say the song is a grower. The hypnotic chanting running through the course of the song reminds me of Jay-Z’s recent single On To The Next One. Anyways, I’m going to continue listening and see what I think after a few more listens. Lyrically, it sees Kanye  rap about suicide, ignoring his critics and showing his vulnerable side with lyrics about growing up and losing his inner-child. Flashing Lights collaborator Dwele joins Kanye for some of the vocal sections in the song. West is probably the best lyricist in rap right now so it will be interesting to see  how his album will shape up when it’s released in September.

I wonder how it will sound next to Drake’s Thank Me Later which will be released in June. Both seem to cover similar ground in their music so it will be interesting to see if there’s place in the industry for both.

And is it just me or are artists these days releasing lead singles months before their album. Katy Perry has released California Gurls with her album Teenage Dream not due ’til August. While Ne-Yo and Kanye are now releasing singles while their albums aren’t out ’til September. Anyways I’m going off topic, what do you guys think of the new Kanye single?

Lil’ Wayne, Rihanna and…erm…P!nk to appear on Eminem’s new album


Shortly after unveiling cover art for his new album Recovery, Eminem has now revealed the tracklisting for the album, set for release on 18th June.


1. Cold Wind Blows

2. Talkin’ 2 Myself  (featuring Kobe)

3. On Fire

4. Won’t Back Down (featuring P!nk)

5. W.T.P.

6. Going Through Changes

7. Not Afraid

8. Seduction

9. No Love (featuring Lil’ Wayne)

10. Space Bound

11. Cinderella Man

12. 25 To Life

13. So Bad

14. Almost Famous

15. Love The Way You Lie (featuring Rihanna)

16. You’re Never Over


Taking a look at the 16 song tracklist, the track I’m most excited about is the collaboration with P!nk. I would never have paired her and Eminem together so I’m excited to hear what it will sound like. Rihanna is no stranger to hip-hop collaborations and jail clearly hasn’t stopped Lil’ Wayne from being everywhere in urban music. No chances of him being irrelevant while inside. Kobe is one of those anonymous R&B singers, who is probably best known for singing the hook on Fabolous’ Imma Do It. So are you people excited about the new Eminem album now that you’ve seen the tracklisting?

Rihanna sells sex in a classy way for sensual ‘Te Amo’ vid!

Bajan popstar Rihanna has just premiered the video for her new single Te Amo. The track is the third international single from her Rated R LP and the video was directed by long-term collaborator Anthony Mandler. You can watch the video below:

I love Rihanna when she goes back to her island roots so it’s safe to say that Te Amo is probably my favourite track from Rated R. Seeing as the videos from this era have been pretty hit-and-miss so far, I have desperately fantasised about directing a damn good video for the song and the first things on my memo were Rihanna showing some classy sexuality and to have stunning cinematography to fit the vibe of the song.

Thankfully, Mandler has delivered. While the video doesn’t take place on a tropical Caribbean island (my vision), it does take place in a visually outstanding Parisian chateau. I particularly like how the roaring fire in the drawing room scene really lights the tribalesque, organic feel of the song. Rihanna looks stunning as always as does her female love interest French supermodel Laetitia Casta. Of course, this is Rated R Rihanna and she does have some sex to sell. While lyrically the song speaks about Rihanna shunning her lesbian friend’s advances, Rihanna looks like she’s definitely enjoying the many homoerotic poses she performs amongst Casta – which is sure to cause controversy in the media and make sure men (and lesbians) watch the clip over and over again on the Internet.

That said, for the most part, Rihanna tones down the raunchiness for the most part, opting for sensuality instead. There’s not a PVC outfit in sight, Summer dresses are in vogue this time round which is great because I always find the cute island girl Rihanna way more sexy that the S&M clad one.

Overall, this is probably the best video (and song) from Rihanna’s Rated R album so sit back, watch and enjoy. The single is available to buy now internationally.

Niamh Kavanagh makes it into the Eurovision final

Just a quick post to say congratulations to Niamh Kavanagh for getting Ireland into the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I mightn’t be a fan of the Irish song It’s For You as I think it’s bland and dated. That said, we haven’t managed to make it into the final of the competition since dripppy balladeer Brian Kennedy in 2006 and it’s much better than our three previous entries.

Niamh gave a stunning performance of the song. Can she win the competition for her second time and Ireland’s eighth? I doubt it but hopefully I’m proved wrong. Watch her perform the song below. I’ll post her Eurovision performance when it surfaces online.

Beyoncé releases an alternate version of her ‘Halo’ video

Following hot on the heels of my Kelly Rowland post, Beyoncé has released an alternate music video for single Halo. The single was released in January last year but the dark music clip was scrapped in favour of the more lighter yet extremely boring clip we seen all last year…until now.

Artistically, this video is better than the original but really I couldn’t care less about either. The original clip while glorious and all is really a snoozefest from start to finish while this dark clip makes no sense. Why is Beyoncé’s love interest being chased? And are you telling me he was mauled to death by a small dog? Come on – for all it’s dark, creepy imagery, the video could have executed its story better rather than showing Beyoncé driving for a good 2 minutes of the video.

Why do you guys think Beyoncé is releasing so many music videos all of a sudden? Compare the two Halo videos below.