Ting Tings are back with excellent new single ‘Hands’

I’m going to come clean, I never liked the Ting Tings. I was shocked that That’s Not My Name received such a positive reception from both fans and critics and the follow-up Shut Up And Let Me Go was nearly just as bad and moronic if it weren’t saved from those funky guitars and beats. Fact is, the only single I’ve truly liked by the Ting Tings was the softer Be The One which of course bombed at #28 on the UK Chart.

Well onwards and upwards for the British duo who are back with new single Hands, the lead single from their forthcoming second album Massage Kunst (that’s German for Massage Art for all those with dirty or foul mouthed minds).

Hands is a fantastic New Wave track, combining pop smarts, indie sensibilities and a 21st century sound that’s the closest thing reminiscent of Blondie apart from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs It’s Blitz! album. The chorus does get a little irritating after a few listens but the Tings Tings are bringing something fresh to the tired charts at the minute and this former hater (more like disliker) welcomes them back.

Considering certain similarities to Mark Ronson’s Bang Bang Bang, this should be a hit for the duo. Fingers crossed!


WTF? Keri Hilson channeling Lauryn Hill on comeback single?

She may be better known for getting hits off the back of rappers and male singers and in return featuring as the chorus on said rappers singles but it looks like Keri Hilson is serious about being a solo artist guys! While it would be quite easy for her to go down the electropop route as exemplified by hit single I Like and scene stealing parts on Timbaland’s The Way I Are and Scream, Miss Keri Baby has decided to go down the soul route for new doo-wop single Breaking Point.

Confirmed as the lead single from her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, as the album title suggests the album will consist of  “female empowerment anthems” and will be “soul influenced”. Keri also says she inspired by African music, culture and landscape and this is all evidenced on Breaking Point.

Timbaland returns the favor (geddit?) and produces an old school doo-wop R&B tune for the singer-songwriter. Keri mightn’t have the vocal chops of the acclaimed Lauryn Hill but she’s certainly channeling her here, giving us one of her best singing performances yet. It’s also great to see Hilson show a little depth lyrically although female empowerment is nothing new in today’s landscape. Beyoncé’s crazy fans are going to be mad though because Keri sounds practically identical to the sassy entertainer on the spoken middle-eight of this piece.

While Keri is encouraged to go in a pop direction with her music, I’ve always admired how her music is a little more left of field. It’s not true R&B but it’s always influenced by it. I didn’t think much of it at first but her debut album In A Perfect World… is actually a solid collection of songs and I’m anticipating this next one after hearing this.

Could Keri be the dark horse in the battle of the female artists (Britney, Avril, Rihanna) all expected to release new albums at the end of the year? I doubt it but she’s certainly impressed me.

Have a listen to Katy Perry’s third single ‘Firework’?

Oh God! I know my blog has turned into a Katy Perry fansite recently but she’s the only big Worldwide superstar releasing new music at the minute so I feel like I should keep up the posts on her.

So, California Gurls has spent several weeks atop charts across the World and Teenage Dream has got off to a great start so Katy Perry is hardly going to be able to top her two previous singles, right? Wrong! Firework, already confirmed as the third single from the album Teenage Dream, out on Tuesday, is a huge hands in the air anthemic dance rock ballad with a massive chorus. Produced by Stargate, whether you like the track or not, it’s going to be played EVERYWHERE! On the radio, on the music channels, in the dentist’s office, at every major public event until the overexposure of the song drives you crazy and you end up banging your brains out against the nearest hard surface so you can just escape the overplaying of the single. And then it will be played at your funeral.

Anyway, I like the single very much at the minute. Mind you, I said the same about I Gotta Feeling fourteen months ago. Take a listen to the whole Teenage Dream album, which leaked either yesterday or today. Like her previous album, it’s all very hit and miss and sounds like a pop rock version of Ke$ha – which is disappointing because I wanted this album to be great. Oh well, it should have a few decent singles and that will be enough to get Katy through to Album #3. What do you guys think?
Katy Perry – Firework by ileaks
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (2010) by iwantmorenewmusic

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj are gonna party like it’s the end of the World. Not too long with music like this!

Jay Sean recently premiered the lead single 2012 from his upcoming album, due out this November. Sean is still striking while the iron is hot and quickly churning out another album before irrelevancy kicks in!

Now I know it’s great to see Jay Sean and his other British breakthrough Taio Cruz do so well in the US but I find it hard to bear any goodwill towards the guys when they’ve simply sold their souls for tons of cash and attention in recording formulaic pop songs with no imagination, clichéd lyrics and egotistical shout-outs to their label or producer. This is the formula Jay has been following for this single and previous two US hits Down and Do You Remember – lyrics about “going to the club and forgetting your troubles”, a woaahhh-oooh hook, a big inspirational chorus and a feature by some rent-a-rapper that whores themselves all over songs with irrelevant raps. First it was Lil’ Wayne, then it was Sean Paul and Lil’ Jon and now its latest ‘it’ girl Nicki Minaj.

The reason I’m so mad with Jay Sean and Taio Cruz and what I call their ‘conveyor belt pop’ is that these bland shallow songs will climb right up the charts while far more creative songs will be permitted to flop. Now I’m no music snob and love  a good club anthem as much as the next person but when Sean and Cruz release the same track over and over again with no signs of innovation, you can really tell that they don’t care as long as they bring in that moolah! Complete fad artists! I hope this flops…spectacularly…and gives Jay Sean the wake-up call he so badly needs.

Oh, here’s a behind the scenes look at the video which looks like a formulaic pop/R&B video but Jay promises it will have some “cool effects”. I can barely contain myself with the excitement…it will be released 8th August.

Katy Perry reveals new album and single artwork as well as tracklisting, premieres ‘Teenage Dream’

The gorgeous Katy Perry has revealed the artwork for her new album and single, both by the name of Teenage Dream. The album cover, as seen above, is reminiscent of a scene from her California Gurls music video – albeit less cartoony and more artistic. The cover has a slight Renaissance feel to it with Katy looking like a sexy angel, sans lilac wig, lying on a cloud made of cotton candy. According to Ms. Perry, via UStream, the album cover was painted by Will Cotton (cotton candy, geddit?) and will have absolutely no text. When you buy the album, the above painting will simply act as the cover art with no further description given and the booklet will smell like the clouds she’s lying on. I guess Katy has fully reached superstardom being allowed to do that – much like Prince made himself into a symbol.

While the album cover is easy on the eye, I much prefer the single cover for the title track Teenage Dream, as seen below, which will act as the second single from the album and follow up to the smash California Gurls. The colourful cover far better sums up the sunny nature of the album and has a real B-movies influence to it. The bubbly text has a real 1990s look to it too. At least KP has some cool artwork for this era of her career.

And finally the tracklisting for the album. This was posted a while back my many websites but I wasn’t sure if it was actually genuine. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt though because many of the songs on the album were mentioned from the lucky people who got to go to the album listening party about a month ago. Check out the tracklisting below. Fans will be delighted to find that the sublime leaked track E.T. will be included.

  1. Teenage Dream
  2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
  3. California Gurls (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  4. Firework
  5. Peacock
  6. Who Am I Living For?
  7. The One That Got Away
  8. E.T.
  9. Circle The Drain
  10. Pearl
  11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
  12. Not Like The Movies

I’m unnaturally excited for this album, it’s embarrassing.

EDIT: The Teenage Dream single has just premiered in full HQ. Two words. SUMMER SMASH! And a return to her pop rock roots.

Oh jeez! Have McFly sold out?

Well who saw this coming!

Since the early 2000s, McFly posters have adorned the walls of teenage girls for their catchy yet family friendly, inoffensive pop rock. The guys all had a cheeky chappy look about them, spiky hair and scruffy clothes. This led to young girls talking about how “buff” and rocker-y they were while lacking the tattoos, piercings and outrageous behaviour so that Mum and Dad didn’t mind their young daughters fantasting over Dougie and co. They were the successors to Busted and also proved they were grabbing creative control back in 2008 by setting up their own record label and trying out a more mature direction with their last album Radio:ACTIVE. Alas, the fleeting nature of fame raised its ugly head and the boyband realised that their teenage fans had grown up and moved on to more worthwhile things.

So now the boys are back with Island Records, the above image sees them looking at their photoshopped best and their working with the King of Generic, Mr. Taio Cruz on their new album, Super City.

The lead single from Super City is called Party Girl. It has a distinct club sound, a “woahhhhh” hook very reminiscent of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance and has about as much depth as the kiddie’s pool at your local swimming complex. The guitars, bass and drums have been entirely diluted for this song and McFly have ditched their radio friendly inoffensive punk pop tunes for the current trend of electro club bangers.

Now, this does sound like a hit! A big hit at that! Very promising and the superhero theme they’re using for this album campaign looks intriguing too. But do you guys think that McFly should have stuck to their original pop rock sound which they’ve been known for since their debut single back in 2004 or is it about time they switched genres and stuck with the latest trends? Sound off in the comments below, after you watch the video.

Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ gets the dance remix treatment

Unlucky former superstar Christina Aguilera is set to release the video for her new single, the beautiful ballad You Lost Me on Thursday. In the meantime, Grammy award winning DJ Hex Hector; and Mac Quayle have given the song a club remix that is sure to get everyone moving on the dancefloor.

The good thing about this remix is that the two DJs haven’t messed with the song too much, simply adding a fast paced electro backing in place of the piano on the album version and the R&B beats on the single version.

I think the album version of You Lost Me is damn near perfect but seeing as ballads are not ‘in’ these days, maybe this club remix could be used instead of the rather terrible single version that’s currently being used. It would show that Xtina can do dance pop and remain classy as opposed to her performance of Not Myself Tonight. Have a listen above.

Now normally, I don’t post video previews because I think they make for pointless and irrelevant posts once the full video premieres but I just have to point out that I have a boner for Christina after several years. Seriously, after years of drag queen make-up and nasty ass wigs, Christina ditches them and looks unchanged from her Genie In The Bottle days back in 1999 below. Stunning!

The video will be directed by Anthony ‘Russian Roulette‘ Mandler. If I know him, this video is going to be both overly dramatic and over-the-top.