Ting Tings are back with excellent new single ‘Hands’

I’m going to come clean, I never liked the Ting Tings. I was shocked that That’s Not My Name received such a positive reception from both fans and critics and the follow-up Shut Up And Let Me Go was nearly just as bad and moronic if it weren’t saved from those funky guitars and beats. Fact is, the only single I’ve truly liked by the Ting Tings was the softer Be The One which of course bombed at #28 on the UK Chart.

Well onwards and upwards for the British duo who are back with new single Hands, the lead single from their forthcoming second album Massage Kunst (that’s German for Massage Art for all those with dirty or foul mouthed minds).

Hands is a fantastic New Wave track, combining pop smarts, indie sensibilities and a 21st century sound that’s the closest thing reminiscent of Blondie apart from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs It’s Blitz! album. The chorus does get a little irritating after a few listens but the Tings Tings are bringing something fresh to the tired charts at the minute and this former hater (more like disliker) welcomes them back.

Considering certain similarities to Mark Ronson’s Bang Bang Bang, this should be a hit for the duo. Fingers crossed!