The Script return with music video ‘For The First Time’

After premiering their new single For The First Time a few weeks ago, Irish band The Script have just this evening released the accompanying promo clip for said single.

Taken from their second album Science & Faith (out 10th September), the video depicts a young Irish couple living over in New York, trying to make their way in the tough economy with black and white performance scenes intercut. It’s an alright video – very typical of radio friendly rockers. At least it sticks to the lyrical themes of the song. But the acting scenes are rather cringeworthy. They could have cut them out because I don’t need to see schmaltziness and Oirishness over-emphasised in music videos, thanks. I like how it was set in New York though. Considering Ireland’s economic climate at the minute, it seems like all your problems will be wiped away if you move to the US or Australia but the video shows that this economic crisis is a Worldwide theme and things don’t magically fix themselves just because you move to the Land Of Opportunity.

I’ve also grown to like the song – it has a decent Snow Patrolesque hook that should at least keep European and Oceanic audiences happy and see a decent enough chart placing. They need to release a better second single though. What do you think?


What does The Script’s comeback single sound like?

Meh. On first listen – okay!

The Script are on the comeback trail with new single For The First Time, released in Ireland on 3rd September and the UK on 6th September. It will be taken from the forthcoming second album Science & Faith, which will be released on 10th and 13th September in Ireland and UK respectively.

For The First Time is your typical radio friendly rock song but the lyrics actually reference the big R word – recession, a favourite talking point amongst Irish people everywhere. God, we love to be negative! According to the band’s drummer Glen Power in an interview with The Sun, a trip back home to Ireland opened their eyes to the current financial crisis.

“We returned to Dublin after two years on the road so excited about what we’d been doing.

“But our country was facing the hardest times we’ve known.

“Our pals were back on the dole, had lost jobs and it hasn’t been the time to celebrate. This album is inspired by that situation.”

I’m hoping the track will grow on me because right now I’m finding the song insipid and dull. The band are very much sticking to the sound from their self-titled debut and I find the chorus quite weak. However, We Cry (their debut single) was not near as good their follow-ups The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and Breakeven so hopefully they’ll manage to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

I really want to see The Script succeed because as fellow Irishmen who are actually talented, I don’t want to see them mess up the international success they’ve gained in the last year. The Script recently earned themselves a US Top 20 hit with Breakeven which peaked at #12 and has spent 32 weeks on the chart. The Aussies clearly love them too because Breakeven reached #3 over there. Here’s hoping they can do it again with Album #2.

Have a listen to For The First Time below: