Novelty tune ‘We No Speak Americano’ tops the UK Chart


The Aussies have taken over the UK Chart in the form of Yolanda Be Cool and D-Cup (honestly who names these guys) with their novelty dance track We No Speak Americano, this month’s answer to Riverside (Let’s Go). I’m not going to even comment on this because novelty tunes go as quickly as they came and like most gimmicky music, I am not a fan. Apart from this, the UK Singles Chart is boringly static. The highest new entries into the chart are Usher and Pitbull’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love and Basshunter’s Saturday. Expect the former to be absolutely huge, in an OMG vein.

The public have realised that 30 Seconds To Mars have a brilliant new single out with Closer To The Edge wihich moves up twenty-four places from #78 to #54. I’m also delighted to report that the Brits don’t think much of Jedward’s new piece of shit which stalls at #80 but less impressed that Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me is nowhere to be seen on the chart and that the best single of the year has slipped down to #100. I encourage people to follow the Unreality Shout campaign to get Lambert into the UK Chart even if your not from the UK (like myself).

Over on the Albums Chart, Eminem remains supreme at the top with stellar comeback album Recovery (which I plan on reviewing sometime) but being closely followed by young  British and fellow white rapper Professor Green and his new LP Alive Till I’m Dead. Earth, Wind & Fire also sail in at #9 with their The Greatest Hits record. 3OH!3 do annoyingly well on the chart with their sophomore album Streets Of Gold coming in at #19 followed by RPA & The United Nations Of Sound coming in at #20 with their self titled debut. Sheryl Crow’s no doubt great new record 100 Miles From Memphis is #34 while Greatest Hits albums by Guns ‘N’ Roses and Billy Joel leap right back into the Top 100 again. Wonder what prompted the re-interest in these artists?

Check out the full UK chart here.

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