Eminem continues chart reign Down Under

Eminem has pretty much established himself as King again, managing to stay atop both the Australian Singles and Album Charts with his single Love The Way You Lie featuring Rihanna and his album Recovery.

Other than that it’s same old same old with the Australian chart. They sure do love their mindless Pitbull featured electropop though with Enrique I Like It at #2 and Usher at #10 with brand new single DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love. They’ve clearly got taste though too with Adam Lambert’s third single, the fantastic follow-up to Whataya Want From Me, If I Had You. The only new entries to the chart are Australian singer Mike Paynter and Jason Derulo’s new single What If. What does surprise me is how easily a lot of British artists seem to have cracked the Australian market? Is it that easy? Hell, Professor Green was unknown six months ago and himself and Lily have debuted at #49 on the chart. Alexandra Burke and (sigh) Pitbull have re-entered at #50 while scouting (geddit?) higher up the chart at #29 is Scouting For Girls and This Ain’t A Love Song which peaked at #19. Strange, I thought Oz would be the second most difficult market to crack after the US but obviously not.

There’s not a lot to say about the album charts really, the Top 10 is made up of Em, Glee, Enrique, Kylie, Justin, Florence, Train and homemade sibling band, the talented  Angus And Julia Stone. Clearly I’m too lazy to write out full names of bands and artists.

Thanks to MTV for the image.

For more info, check out the ARIA website.

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