Olly Murs enjoys the English Summer in ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ video

X-Factor alumnus Olly Murs has premiered the music video for his debut single Please Don’t Let Me Go. The single is set for a release date of August 30 with his debut album to follow shortly.

I just find this song and video bland. It’s not a bad song just unmemorable and hardly has me excited for Olly Murs, the popstar. Seriously, it sounds like a Z-grade track by Jack Johnson or Joshua Radin. Now there may be two reasons, I’m unhappy with this. Number 1, I’m sick of these X-Factor artists. Honestly, with Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS, Diana Vickers, Laura White, Rhydian Roberts, Joe McElderry, Ruth Lorenzo, Jedward, Stacey Solomon, Same Difference, The Unconventionals and Olly all out and making music, there’s just too much generic X-Factor crap in the charts. Number 2, an X-Factor song is supposed to grab you on first listen or else you’re going to flop. Or become a one hit wonder. Will Olly Murs be the new Daniel Powter?

The music video is a little bland also but I’m glad Murs didn’t head off to some tropical destination and kept the action in native seaside England where he attends a party, finds a girl and sings at her, sometimes wearing his hat and sometimes not.

So what do you think of the new Olly Murs song and music video? Are you the opposite of me and love the song? Do you think Olly’s cheeky chappie good looks will help him survive the industry?

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