Why patriotism is sometimes not a good thing! Jedward top the Irish album charts.


Well the inevitable has happened!

Irish trolls Jedward have knocked Eminem and Recovery off the top of the Irish Album Chart with their shit cover album Planet J to the E to the D to the Ward, better known as Planet Jedward. I knew this would happen! Irish people are far too patriotic for their own good.

It’s not all bad though, Jedward’s unbearable Blink-182 cover All The Small Things was released last week and has debuted at a fairly floppish #21. Here’s hoping it will fall further down rather than rise up – same goes for their parent album too. Eminem needn’t be too pissed at the talentless twosome though, his Rihanna collaboration Love The Way You Lie has knocked Katy Perry’s California Gurls off the top spot, a feat he mirrored on the US Chart yesterday. Reminem, as the rapper and Bajan pop princess will be from here on out known, have bagged the top spot in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. All before a music video is even filmed. We’re definitely going to be hearing this song all Summer.

The Irish Top 50 Singles are pretty much the same as they are every week. JLS have delightedly slipped from #4 to #7, which hopefully shows that The Club Is Alive is losing steam fast. New entries to the chart are scare with Basshunter’s generic club banger Saturday at #37 and Jason Derulo and his alright ballad What If at #41. The brilliant Adam Lambert ballad Whataya Want From Me has failed to chart in its first week of release and instead we get Daniel O’ Fucking Donnell at #50 with his lovely wee single Tipperary Girl.

I’ve already spread the bad news about the album chart. Eminem has now to settle for #2 while the rest of the Top 10 is made up of chart staples Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, Paolo Nutini, Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber. Gosh, these guys must have sold a gazillion records in Ireland. Give someone else a chance! Thankfully Kylie Minogue spends her third week in the Top 10 at #9, Plan B has moved from #11 to #7 no doubt thanks to his excellent new single Prayin’ and Eliza Doolittle’s self titled debut spends its second week at #10.

The highest new entry to the album chart is Professor Green with his Alive Till I’m Dead at #18, Sting disappointedly just makes the Top 40 with his new LP Synchronocities and Sheryl Crow flops in at #54 with her new album 100 Miles From Memphis. However, those low charting positions can be put down to zero promotion. 3OH!3 have had plenty of that with Top 10 single My First Kiss but its parent album Streets Of Gold has tanked at #79. Good, people finally realise that while 3OH!3 have the odd catchy single, their albums are the most brain numbing records of all time. Poor old M.I.A. is getting a better reception in the US which is surprising considering her controversial nature. How things have changed? On this side of the Atlantic, M.I.A. takes the biggest nose dive on the chart with her self titled third album dropping from #47 to #81 in its second week. Ouch!

For full chart info (without my increasingly humourous commentary), visit the IRMA website.


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