T.I. uncages himself for his boring new music video ‘Got Your Back’

T.I. and Keri Hilson in "Got Your Back"

T.I. has come out of prison and is joined by Keri Hilson on new single Got Your Back, the official lead single from his forthcoming album King Uncaged, due to drop on 28th September. Check out the video below.

The song is a cute urban rap tune with a super catchy chorus provided by the ultra fashionable Keri but the video is just boring. I don’t care about T.I. and Keri posing in front of a plain background while a yawn inducing prison subplot occurs in between. With fellow rappers Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, B.o.B., Big Boi, Eminem and Nicki Minaj all bringing out the creativity for their clips, T.I. comes across a little backward for someone who proclaims himself as king. While the song is catchy and will most likely be a hit, it’s hardly an explosive “I’M BACK” single. Perhaps he should have chosen I’m Back as the lead single from the era instead of using it as a promo single.

I doubt the album will flop though. T.I.’s lead singles are generally weak anyway and with guest spots from Lady GaGa and Eminem on it, I’m sure Tip isn’t worried.


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