Katy Perry reveals new album and single artwork as well as tracklisting, premieres ‘Teenage Dream’

The gorgeous Katy Perry has revealed the artwork for her new album and single, both by the name of Teenage Dream. The album cover, as seen above, is reminiscent of a scene from her California Gurls music video – albeit less cartoony and more artistic. The cover has a slight Renaissance feel to it with Katy looking like a sexy angel, sans lilac wig, lying on a cloud made of cotton candy. According to Ms. Perry, via UStream, the album cover was painted by Will Cotton (cotton candy, geddit?) and will have absolutely no text. When you buy the album, the above painting will simply act as the cover art with no further description given and the booklet will smell like the clouds she’s lying on. I guess Katy has fully reached superstardom being allowed to do that – much like Prince made himself into a symbol.

While the album cover is easy on the eye, I much prefer the single cover for the title track Teenage Dream, as seen below, which will act as the second single from the album and follow up to the smash California Gurls. The colourful cover far better sums up the sunny nature of the album and has a real B-movies influence to it. The bubbly text has a real 1990s look to it too. At least KP has some cool artwork for this era of her career.

And finally the tracklisting for the album. This was posted a while back my many websites but I wasn’t sure if it was actually genuine. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt though because many of the songs on the album were mentioned from the lucky people who got to go to the album listening party about a month ago. Check out the tracklisting below. Fans will be delighted to find that the sublime leaked track E.T. will be included.

  1. Teenage Dream
  2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
  3. California Gurls (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  4. Firework
  5. Peacock
  6. Who Am I Living For?
  7. The One That Got Away
  8. E.T.
  9. Circle The Drain
  10. Pearl
  11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
  12. Not Like The Movies

I’m unnaturally excited for this album, it’s embarrassing.

EDIT: The Teenage Dream single has just premiered in full HQ. Two words. SUMMER SMASH! And a return to her pop rock roots.


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