Christina shows she can do classy in her ‘You Lost Me’ video

“I am done” whimpers Christina Aguilera on the first line of her new single You Lost Me. The second official video from her poorly selling comeback LP Bionic sees Christina leave the 1940s wigs, the drag queen make-up and the provocative outfits to her younger contemporaries like Rihanna and Lady GaGa and settles on the one thing that helps her stand out from the crowd – her voice!

Directed by Anthony Mandler, the video for Christina’s spectacular new ballad You Lost Me is a simple yet dramatic affair. We see the 29-year old mother of one  move around several different environments, occasionally crying over the dismal performance of Bionic and fighting with her toned and topless record executive over his forcing her to release Not Myself Tonight. The dramatics by Xtina in this video accentuate her over-the-top persona to perfection but it still manages to be a classy affair, a far cry from the softcore chlamydia fest that was the Not Myself Tonight video.

All jokes aside…hubba hubba! Aguilera shows us the perfect example that when popstars tone down their “creative” fashionista image, they really do show why they are stars and the rest of us are mere mortals. Dressed in a loose skimy sweater, wearing make-up that doesn’t look like it was put on with a shovel and sporting a long, wavy do – I haven’t had these kind of feelings for Christina in a long time. I haven’t been this turned on since the Genie In A Bottle days. (Okay, so I was eight years old when that song was released but she was definitely one of my first crushes alongside Britney Spears). The video is also well executed although some may deem it “boring”.

Now the question is: can You Lost Me save Bionic from the never-ending abyss of darkness, i.e. increase sales? Back in her Stripped days, Dirrty was a flop but the album was saved by signature ballad Beautiful. That said, Dirrty only flopped in the US while it cracked the Top 10 elsewhere. Plus ballads are just not popular now. I think this song is beautiful and aside from her big ego and questionable attitude towards the limits of exposing your sexuality, Christina does seem like an intelligent, level headed young married mother who supports another charity so maybe it’s high time the record buying public smiles upon her and brings her back to the top of the pop game.


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