Oh jeez! Have McFly sold out?

Well who saw this coming!

Since the early 2000s, McFly posters have adorned the walls of teenage girls for their catchy yet family friendly, inoffensive pop rock. The guys all had a cheeky chappy look about them, spiky hair and scruffy clothes. This led to young girls talking about how “buff” and rocker-y they were while lacking the tattoos, piercings and outrageous behaviour so that Mum and Dad didn’t mind their young daughters fantasting over Dougie and co. They were the successors to Busted and also proved they were grabbing creative control back in 2008 by setting up their own record label and trying out a more mature direction with their last album Radio:ACTIVE. Alas, the fleeting nature of fame raised its ugly head and the boyband realised that their teenage fans had grown up and moved on to more worthwhile things.

So now the boys are back with Island Records, the above image sees them looking at their photoshopped best and their working with the King of Generic, Mr. Taio Cruz on their new album, Super City.

The lead single from Super City is called Party Girl. It has a distinct club sound, a “woahhhhh” hook very reminiscent of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance and has about as much depth as the kiddie’s pool at your local swimming complex. The guitars, bass and drums have been entirely diluted for this song and McFly have ditched their radio friendly inoffensive punk pop tunes for the current trend of electro club bangers.

Now, this does sound like a hit! A big hit at that! Very promising and the superhero theme they’re using for this album campaign looks intriguing too. But do you guys think that McFly should have stuck to their original pop rock sound which they’ve been known for since their debut single back in 2004 or is it about time they switched genres and stuck with the latest trends? Sound off in the comments below, after you watch the video.

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