Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ gets the dance remix treatment

Unlucky former superstar Christina Aguilera is set to release the video for her new single, the beautiful ballad You Lost Me on Thursday. In the meantime, Grammy award winning DJ Hex Hector; and Mac Quayle have given the song a club remix that is sure to get everyone moving on the dancefloor.

The good thing about this remix is that the two DJs haven’t messed with the song too much, simply adding a fast paced electro backing in place of the piano on the album version and the R&B beats on the single version.

I think the album version of You Lost Me is damn near perfect but seeing as ballads are not ‘in’ these days, maybe this club remix could be used instead of the rather terrible single version that’s currently being used. It would show that Xtina can do dance pop and remain classy as opposed to her performance of Not Myself Tonight. Have a listen above.

Now normally, I don’t post video previews because I think they make for pointless and irrelevant posts once the full video premieres but I just have to point out that I have a boner for Christina after several years. Seriously, after years of drag queen make-up and nasty ass wigs, Christina ditches them and looks unchanged from her Genie In The Bottle days back in 1999 below. Stunning!

The video will be directed by Anthony ‘Russian Roulette‘ Mandler. If I know him, this video is going to be both overly dramatic and over-the-top.


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