Who remembers Wynter Gordon from that Flo Rida song ‘Sugar’?

“My lips like sugar/This candy got you sprung/So call me your sugar/You love you some/I’m sweet like dum-double-dee-dum-buh-die…”

Remember that lady who featured on Flo Rida’s Sugar and made an otherwise irrelevant pervy rap track, a fun Summery pop tune with a real sexy chorus. Yes, Wynter Gordon is finally setting out on her own and has recently premiered the video for her new single, the Eurodancey Dirty Talk, the lead single from her forthcoming album With Music I Die.

The title of the song is a dead giveaway in showing us that Wynter is yet another hypersexual female artist and with select lyrics like “Legs up in the bar/In the back of your car” and “slippery G-spot”, she proves to be just as sleazy as her former collabo-mate Flo Rida. That said the song is incredibly catchy with a heavenly dance chorus. I can’t believe Wynter’s American, she sounds like some naff Eurodance singer (who I secretly have a guilty love for).

The video is also low budget but is kept engaging by some nice scenery and Wynter dressed as a nerdy schoolgirl before falling over in the woods and reawakening as some horny wood nymph. Think of this video as the lead up to a porno set in Narnia.

I wonder if Wynter will experience success with this dance sound. Something tells me Europe will embrace her…


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