Have a listen to Robyn’s new single ‘Hang With Me’

She may have just released Body Talk Pt. 1 in June but Swedish pop singer Robyn still plans on releasing the album’s next two parts before the year is out. I’ve known for a few weeks now that Robyn intended to release Body Talk Pt. 2 on 6th September so you can imagine how baffled I was to see that she was releasing Hang With Me, a song from Body Talk Pt. 1, on the same day as her new album drops.

Well it turns out that the Hang With Me that’s being released as a single is a dancey, glossier, spruced up version that will appear on Body Talk Pt. 2 rather than the acoustic version that appears on Body Talk Pt.1.

I’m still in love with Robyn’s current single Dancing On My Own and clearly Robyn knows where her strengths are. Hang With Me is yet another vulnerably sang, club banger that’s sure to make you want to dance and cry at the same time. If you’ve heard the acoustic version, then don’t expect much different from this. With a similar production to Dancing On My Own, this follows the formula of  “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”. This will either play to Robyn’s advantage or disadvantage. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Compare the acoustic and dancey version of Hang With Me below and also catch a live performance of Dancing On My Own on the US’ David Letterman Show. It’s particularly charming to see Robyn all shy and awkward at the end of the performance when Letterman meets and greets her afterwards.

P.S. I bet Ellie Goulding’s fuming that Robyn is a much better arm dancer than she will ever be!

Hang With Me:

Hang With Me (Acoustic):

Dancing On My Own (Live On David Letterman):


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