Robbie Williams rejoins Take That! New album out in November!

I was supposed to post this yesterday because its OBVIOUSLY big news but Robbie Williams has rejoined the band that made him famous, Take That. The man band are set to release a new album in November too, a month after Rob releases his Greatest Hits collaboration which features a duet with Gary Barlow.

So the end of 2010 should prove to be a pretty heavy number of Take That months.

For any international readers who might not be familiar with Take That, they were a British boyband consisting of Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald. Formed in 1990, the band found fame in 1991 onwards, dominating the walls of teenage girls everywhere and putting JLS to shame with their metrosexual fashion choices. Take That had absolutely phenomenal success in the UK.

They started off with some moderate success. Pray was their first #1 hit in 1992 and was followed by three consecutive #1s. That was briefly broken in 1994 with Love Ain’t Here Anymore only placing at #3. This was followed on by six consecutive #1 hits in the UK alone. Pretty impressive.

However, like many boy and girl bands, things quickly turned sour. In 1995, Robbie fell out with Gary and their manager over creative differences and he left the band, announcing plans to become a solo singer. Take That then disbanded in 1996, breaking the hearts of teenage girls everywhere.

As the remaining boys from Take That became washed up or embarked on failed solo careers, Robbie quickly established himself as one of the biggest international stars of the late 1990s and early 2000s with hits like Let Me Entertain You, Millennium and Angels. Williams was pretty cocky about his success and it looked liked Rob would go down as a legend of pop while his former band members would continue to wallow in obscurity.

However, karma is a bitch and 2006 was a significant year for Take That and Robbie. Robbie released his experimental seventh studio album Rudebox which was critically panned and didn’t reach the sales expected. Take That reformed as a mature new four piece and had a massive comeback with the single Patience, a sprawling epic pop ballad. The track reached #1 and cemented Take That as national treasures once again, 10 years after their initial disbandment.

The tables were truly turned as Take That scored another #1 with Shine and had one of the biggest 2007 tracks with Rule The World, which was used in the soundtrack for fantasy film Stardust. The boys enjoyed further success with their 2008 album The Circus. Meanwhile Robbie got fat, grew a beard and hid out in his LA home.

Cleaning himself up, Robbie returned in 2009 with his eighth album Reality Killed The Video Star. It was successful but nowhere near as phenomenal as his early days in music. So now he’s returned to the band in which he became famous with the reformed five piece  announcing the new album in four months and will be produced by Stuart Price. They are also set to tour in 2011. The band have not been a five piece in fifteen years.

Are you excited about the original Take That reforming? I’m indifferent. The band sounded just fine without Robbie but I’m sure his re-initiation won’t upset the whole dynamic too much either. The one thing that could happen though is that Rob may get itchy feet again. Take That have used the successful formula of adult contemporary pop on their return and Robbie may feel the need to experiment with a more obscure sound again.

I’ve included the videos of Take That’s first trashy #1 Pray for a laugh as well as their ultimate comeback tune Patience to show how far they’ve come and how they’ve cemented their credibility. One can only hope JLS will do the same in a few years time.


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