Taio Cruz continues to be generic in ‘Dynamite’ video

File:Taio Cruz - Dynamite (Official Single Cover).jpg

Taio Cruz is back – in all his leather-jacketed, shade wearing glory. After scoring a US #1 with Break Your Heart, the British R&B pop singer attempts to wow US audiences again (and the rest of the World) with new single Dynamite.

Sigh. Taio is so generic. From the pointless opening scene with him driving in on the motorbike to the concert, surrounded by hot babes straight out of Rihanna’s Shut Up And Drive video, Taio just rehases what every other American urban pop act is doing. In fact he’s pretty much copying Rihanna as I believe Justin Timberlake rides in on a motorbike in her Rehab video. I will admit though that the explosives at the end of the video really reflect the ravey nature of the song.

And the song I actually like a lot. It’s pretty much by the rulebook electropop but is lifted above averageness thanks to the genius contributions of Max Martin and Dr. Luke on writing and production credits. When the two of these are around, either alone or together, pop magic is always always ensured.

Also be aware that Jennifer Lopez may be copy and pasted into this video for a Part 2 of this single. I wonder what her contribution would be like to the song? Sound off below.


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