Some news on Glee’s Britney Spears episode

To all Gleeks out there! The phenomenally successful musical comedy drama that is Glee is returning to FOX in September. Considering the rest of the World was only a few days behind FOX for the second part of the last season, you can probably expect it to come to a network to you, wherever you are in the World, around the same time. So less than two months for the second season to begin.

And for all those Britney Spears fans, the episode dedicated to her music, confirmed by creator Ryan Murphy last week, will actually be the SECOND episode of the season. So expect plenty of ass kissing Britney’s way and a disgruntled Matthew Morrisson who plays the annoyingly perfect Will Schuester to be given something embarrassing for speaking out about his wish that he hoped “the show would not go down (the Britney) route”.

Murphy has also stated that Heather Morris’ delightfully ditzy character Britanny (ah, see the connection) will perform two Britney Spears songs on the show. Murphy claims that Morris has “a fantastic voice”. I wonder if he’s proved right in September because so far we haven’t hear Brittany sing solo yet. {Source}

So are you excited about the upcoming Britney centric episode? What songs do you think will be performed? I’m sure Heather Morris will perform plenty of great choreography like Britney did in the early days but what TWO songs do you think she’ll perform? And what other songs will be performed on the show?

I’m sure …Baby One More Time is a given considering the famous schoolgirl music video. I’m sure we’ll see Finn or Puck act like a douche leading Rachel or Quinn to sing Womanizer at them. And Stronger or I’m Not A Girl…Not Yet A Woman will prove to be the big inspirational ballad sung by Rachel or Mercedes. Or if you want something real fucked up, have Will, Sue and Emma engage in a threesome to the soundtrack of 3. Brittany could go for one of the more heavier dance numbers, as suggested by TV Guide, with I’m A Slave 4 U or Boys.

Oh and just for all you hopefuls, Britney will NOT be appearing in the episode. She’s much too reclusive these days.


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