Jedward bring out my homicidal tendencies in the ‘All The Small Things’ video

This is old news to some but the dastardly duo Jedward have released the music video for All The Small Things, a cover of the 2000 Blink-182 hit and the second single from their forthcoming album Planet Jedward, due out on 26th July. Watch the video below.

WARNING: If you are like me and despise Jedward then I would advise caution.

In the low budget clip, John and Edward Grimes pay homage to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), Lady GaGa’s Telephone, Boy George and Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time. Now maybe I have no sense of “fun” – a statement often made by Jedward lovers but these guys are just embarassing. I cringed all through the video and at the start of the track I wanted to grab the twins by their shortened quiffs and slam the in an automatic door. I would then kick Edward in the knee again for good measure. See! See what they’ve done to me! I’ve become a homicidal maniac when normally I’m as mild mannered as Peter Parker on a visit to Aunt May’s.

Now I know the original All The Small Things is just a party frat-house rock tune but why do Jedward have to shit on it with their karaoke rendition? Cheap sounding synths to “update” the sound only add to the staleness of this too. Plus they have the cheek to not pay homage to Blink-182 instead opting for the attention seeking route of paying homage to the most iconic songs of the last ten years or so. Shaking my head. Plus the rap breakdown – “J to the E to the D to the ward!” *grabs nearest person and stabs them*

What annoys me most is that these talentless fools will be successful with this track, especially in our native Ireland. Irish people are fiercely patriotic to any of our Irish acts, regardless of how bad they are and that’s why Jedward’s last single spent weeks at #1 and in the Top 10.

Oh, just give Jedward their own Disney show and let them never make music again!


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