David Guetta and Flo Rida premiere the music video for ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’

David Guetta, fame whore DJ extraordinaire, and pop rapper Flo Rida have teamed up for the official video for Flo Rida’s new single I Gotta Feeling: Part 3 Club Can’t Handle Me, the lead single for the Step Up 3 soundtrack and also the lead single for his third studio album The Only One.

As evidenced by my mistake above, Club Can’t Handle Me has that euphoric, joyous feel with a slight rock edge that David Guetta has produced on previous tracks for his own Gettin’ Over You and the Black Eyed Peas massive hit I Gotta Feeling.

The video is your typical soundtrack music video. Guetta continues his trend of making pointless cameos in the videos while Flo Rida attracts large crowds from all over the World to rave to his poppish new tune. The video is intercut with scenes of Step Up 3.

On a completely unmusical note, I think the female lead used to be in Australian soap opera Home & Away. As only a casual viewer of the show, I can’t recall her name but she was a stray Sally took in off the street and she had HIV. Good on her for cracking Hollywood.


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