The Saturdays reveal new album tracklisting and cover


Britain’s biggest girl group at the minute, The Saturdays have released the tracklisting and album cover for their new album Headlines. I like the cover. Very colourful and cheeky, if not a little reminiscent of their ‘rivals’ Girls Aloud!

The album is eight tracks in length. Five new songs, a remix of an old song and their two singles from the previous album Wordshaker Forever Is Over and Ego. I can’t understand why they’ve just tacked on Forever Is Over and Ego. Wordshaker album track One Shot is getting the remix treatment from Ellie Goulding collaborators Starsmith, why not remix Forever Is Over and Ego also? Surely, seeing as everyone’s heard them they need the remix treatment more than a mere album track.

Check out the tracklisting below which you can get your hands on legally on 16th August:

  1. Missing You
  2. Ego
  3. Forever Is Over
  4. Higher
  5. Karma
  6. Died In Your Eyes
  7. One Shot (Starsmith Remix)
  8. Puppet On A String

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