Usher rehases the sex for the ‘There Goes My Baby’ video


R&B singer Usher might be getting ready to (sort of) release a new album Versus but that hasn’t stopped him from filming a video for current single There Goes My Baby. OMG might be Usher’s only single from the Raymond V. Raymond era across the pond but in the US, he’s released multiple singles in the form of Papers, Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home ), OMG, More, Lil’ Freak and There Goes My Baby. That’s more singles than Westlife have released in three years. He’s obviously continuing this trend with next album Versus already planning releases for DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love and Hot Tottie.

I briefly reviewed There Goes My Baby in one of my Single Reviews Diaries when it was released as a promo single in Ireland and UK back in February. I stated that the track wasn’t for me but it has grown on me since and I really think it’s one of the best tracks on Usher’s most recent patchy album. The song is a really smooth and sexy R&B jam that has a lullaby style melody. While he made some hypocritical comments about Taio Cruz and Jay Sean “not making R&B music” when they make just as bland electropop as him recently, you can see that with this track Usher redeems himself as an urban artist.

Shame I can’t be so complimentary about the video, I guess its quintessentially Usher. So expect lots of close-up shots of a topless Usher (should please the ladies…and some guys too), looking super angsty and clenching his fists outside a swanky pad  and slowly and sensually banging his model girlfriend. I don’t know if I’m just jealous or bored of wathcing Usher’s softcore porn videos being regurgitated once again.

Oh well, it should please the 31 year old’s die-hard fanbase, which is seemingly quite big. Raymond V. Raymond has sold 900k in the US boosting it to Platinum status, a Worldwide #1 with OMG and There Goes My Baby charting at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the R&B Charts, before this video even surfaced. Well done Usher!


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