Shakira reveals title of new album, promises the “best record of (her) career”

Her last album She Wolf may have underperformed (undeservedly) on the charts but Shakira clearly isn’t letting that get her down. The Columbian popstar has just revealed the title to her new bilingual album – Sale El Sol or in English, The Sun Rises. She’s even doing a little bit of bragging about it, claiming that it will be the “best record of my career”.

Here’s what she has to say about the album, according to

“I see it [the new album] as having two currents,” she says. “One is a lot about love and love experiences and emotions. And the other side of it is very joyful, and upbeat.”

Shakira also went on to state that the music is reflective of her native Columbia and the Dominican Republic:

It’s a little more Latin on one side and a little more rock ‘n roll on the other side. I’m very excited about the new album, because it reminds me of different eras and stages of my career. It’s like a synthesis of all these 20 years

The singer then expressed her disappointment that Men In Town from her previous album was never released as a single. So are many fans, Shakira.

I can’t say that I’m really a massive Shakira fan but I really began to appreciate her with the She Wolf album. Not only is she a complete and utter sexbomb but she also has a decent supply of natural quirkiness in her that separates her from other popstars.

You can check out this 30 minute YouTube video below for an extensive video interview with Shakira as well as her Waka Waka performance from the World Cup, before Spain’s victory. The video interview is a must for super-fans and Shakira is as charming as she is beautiful.

Sale El Sol is being released in September. Less than a year after She Wolf, are you excited for it? I think it will be really good.


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