Linkin Park will release new album in September

Alt metal band Linkin Park are set to release a new album on 14th September. The fourth studio album from the sextet will be called One Thousand Suns and will be preceded by the lead single The Catalyst on 2nd August.

The album will be produced by the group’s guitarist and MC Mike Shinoda as well as the producer of their last album Minutes To Midnight, Rick Rubin. The LP will be a concept one, recorded in the same studios as their first two albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora but will see them push the sonic boundaries, first explored on Minutes To Midnight.

I’m actually quite excited about this record. I’ve discovered lately that it’s not cool to be over 18 and still like these angsty rockers but fuck it – it can be my guilty pleasure and dirty little secret.

Linkin Park may have competition though. Their album drops the same day as Kanye West’s highly anticipated Good Ass Job and Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager, the follow-up to Kid Cudi’s critically acclaimed Man On The Moon: The  End Of Day.

So any other angsty teens and closeted adult Linkin Park fans want to join me in anticipation for LP’s new LP?


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