Lady GaGa performs mini-concert on ‘The Today Show’, could ‘Teeth’ be her next single?

Pop phenomenon Lady GaGa returned to her home city of New York yesterday morning, to host an early morning mini-concert on The Today Show. Tons of her “Little Monsters” gathered outside the night before for a spot of camping so that they wouldn’t miss the Lady next day. Of course, as we’re all aware, GaGa cares about her fans and went to the effort of buying pizza and water for them so they wouldn’t go hungry. All together now: AWWWW!

Despite, to quote the presenters, the “angels crying” (read: heavy rain) GaGa gave four knockout performances. And I just have to say that she looked great! Okay, the 1980s Madonna look might be questionable but she actually looked healthier than I’ve seen her in a long time. The gaunt and painfully thin frame she displayed in the Alejandro video is gone and replaced by a more curvier, smiling GaGa. She’s also ditched that forced ice-princess act, smiling regularly and chatting cordially with the presenters. There was also a huge lack of her usual gimmicks and over-the-top costumes which really let the 24-year-old’s talent shine through.

Clearly GaGa is in a very rock ‘n’ roll mood because aside from mega-hit Bad Romance and current single Alejandro, the rest of the set-list was all very jazzy, bluesy and rocky.

Kicking things off, GaGa performed the Broadway classic Someone To Watch Over Me before quickly transitioning into a shortened down version of Bad Romance. We were then introduced to the first super HQ live performance of You And I. The song will appear on GaGa’s third studio album, due out early next year and contains jazzy elements. Lyrically, it seems to allude to either her first time or her first love. GaGa then lifted her leg up on the piano keys, pounding away as she did so, this being a trademark of the Lady.

After You And I, GaGa performed Alejandro. Ditching the nun habit, it was a decent performance but she does not do a good Spanish accent. Plus GaGa’s live vocals are far more huskier and deeper than they appear on her studio music so I’m hoping she’ll explore more of these genre elements on Album #3.

To finish things off, GaGa performed what could potentially be her next single. According to the announcer, he said it was GaGa’s “single Teeth” but he might have just slipped up there. I personally love the gritty blues of Teeth but many people (including her fans) dislike this track, as its quite a departure from her usual sound. Still, to the casual GaGa fan, they’ve heard nothing but electropop and the odd piano acoustic track from her so it might be a chance to show off her versatility.

Teeth was my favourite performance of the set although I haven’t heard You And I enough yet so I’m liable to change my mind. What did you think of the mini-concert?


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