Ciara releases floorfiller ‘Gimme Dat’ as second single, ‘Basic Instinct’ artwork unveiled

R&B songstress Ciara has a double surprise for her fans. The album cover to her fourth studio album Basic Instinct (as seen above) and the first listen of the second single from the album Gimme Dat.

Ciara promised listeners that they should be prepared to “dance the freakin’ roof off” with her second single and she certainly wasn’t lying. Gimme Dat isn’t exactly the most original track ever but at least its not the current Europop fluff storming the charts. The track has a fast tempo and killer bassline, something Ciara alludes to in the song. Ciara mightn’t have the best vocals but she sure knows how to dance and I can’t wait to see her pull of some sexy moves whenever the music video comes out.

Basic Instinct will be released on 17th August. In the meantime, have a listen to new single Gimme Dat and a remix of current single Ride. The Ride remix is much better than the original, upping the tempo and features Andre 3000 instead of Ludacris. Ciara’s remixes always sound much better than the original. Also check out the Mike D Radio Mix of Never Ever featuring Young Jeezy, which was released as a single in Europe while the yawn-worthy original was released to North America.


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