Usher pulls a ‘Fame Monster’ with new album ‘Versus’, Lady GaGa makes big impact on music industry

It looks like Lady GaGa really is making an impact on the music industry. Earlier this week she caused the higher powers behind the Grammys to change the rules when they failed to nominate her for ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2010 awards. Because she had already been nominated for the 2009 awards with ‘Best Dance Recording’ for her debut single Just Dance, Grammy rules stated that someone previously nominated could not be up for a ‘Best New Artist’ gong. Well after much outcry from the media and GaGa’s little monsters, the Grammys are officially changing the rules so this incident never happens again! 😛

Anyhow, the reason why I’m harping on about GaGa in an Usher post is because the eccentric singer appears to have inspired him into releasing albums in a similar way to her. Usher might have just released his sixth studio album Raymond V. Raymond at the end of March but he’s already promising a follow-up set for release on 24th August. Well, kind of. Versus, his seventh studio album, will be eight tracks long and act as a “sequel” and “final chapter” to Raymond V. Raymond. The album will be available as a standalone collection in some territories (read: US) and packaged alongside Raymond V. Raymond as a deluxe edition of the album in other territories (read: outside the US). Basically Usher has copied the whole The Fame Monster campaign.

The good thing is you get to hear the lead single from the new album, titled DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love. As you’d expect this is disposable dance-pop with cheesy lyrics but its much more listenable than Usher’s last lead single, the completely shit OMG. This is thanks to the Master of Pop Hooks, Max Martin, who makes this likeable despite a hideous Pitbull (not him again!) cameo.

Usher is continuing the release of multiple singles in the US, a tool he used for Raymond V. Raymond also. The Polow Da Don produced single Hottie Tottie (vomit) will be released to US radio on August 9th after DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love is released on July 20th. US single There Goes My Baby will also be remixed with a rent-a-rapper tacked on. Oh, when will people learn that nobody cares about guest raps anymore? DJ will probably act as the lead international single and follow-up to OMG but what happens to the release of Lil’ Freak which is just starting to get airplay on UK music channels?

Have a listen to DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love below and tell me what you think.


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