Brandon Flowers and Charlize Theron are gender-bending in the ‘Crossfire’ video

The music video for Brandon Flowers’ first solo single Crossfire premiered yesterday afternoon. Whether Flowers can make an impact with his pleasant yet safe single is yet to be seen but he’s certainly getting off to a good start by having sexy South African screen siren Charlize Theron appear in the video (that’s alliteration for you)!

Despite Charlize’s starry presence and an interesting concept, the video falls a little flat. In it we see a hapless Brandon tied up and implicitly being tortured by a bunch of ninjas when Theron comes in to save the day with some killer actions moves. That’s fine and a great role reversal in gender stereotypes but it kind of becomes a little pointless as the same scene is rehased twice more but in a vaguely different setting.

Basically what we have is Flowers tied up and looking beat up and hopeless, Theron breaks in looking like Lara Croft, she kicks some ninja ass and Brandon smiles at her in a shy sort of way. Rather than rescue him right then, the exact same thing happens again until the song’s ending when Theron finally manages to eliminate all the ninjas and drive Flowers’ home in her pick-up truck. Charlize then wraps her arm around Brandon who looks like he’s about to cry. At this stage of the video, I find myself screaming “PUSSY!” at the screen and then I remember that I need to take off my misogynist hat and put on my feminist one because I suppose that’s the point of the video.

What do you think of the Crossfire video? Hit or miss? Brandon releases the single as a double A-side in the UK and Ireland alongside the unheard track On The Floor. Are you excited?


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