The Saturdays give us some details on their new album

T4 On The Beach 2010 | Celebrities | Photos | Pictures | Now Magazine

Pretty much the only relevant girl group in the UK, The Saturdays, have spilled the details on their new album Headlines. I guess you could call Headlines the third studio album but really its more a mini-album like Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster in that the album will be eight tracks long and three of those tracks will be remixes of Wordshaker songs Forever Is Over, Ego and One Shot. Think of it as a clever new way of re-releasing an album.

The album will be released on 16th August, a week after the album’s terrible lead single Missing You. Another song making the tracklisting will be Higher which they’ve performed several times live already. It actually sounds quite promising and will most likely be the second single, continuing The Saturdays trend of underwhelming lead single/brilliant second single.

For more information on the album, you can check out this exclusive video interview with Rochelle and Una over on Digital Spy. In it, they discuss how they’ve had more involvement in the songwriting process, their T4 On The Beach performance, how their sticking to a contemporary pop sound and Mollie’s injuries which preventing her from performing at T4 this year. You can check out the T4 performance of Missing You below as well as some live footage of the brilliant Higher.


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