Nelly Furtado plays dress-up in ‘Bajo Otra Luz’ video

Nelly Furtado plays dress-up in the new video for single Bajo Otra Luz. The song is the third single to be taken from her Spanish language album Mi Plan.

I really loved the two previous singles Manos Al Aire and Mas despite not understanding a word of Spanish so I’m glad to see that the label have finally allowed Nelly to release one more single from the album (six months later) before putting the finishing touches to her next English language album Lifestyle.

The video is a low budget affair but is actually rather entertaining because Nelly and her featured artist La Mala Rodríguez don a number of costumes – such as a devil lady, cowboy, matador, clown, dog, demure lady, rabbit, fairy and Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, GaGa. The video omits the appearance and vocals of the song’s other featured artist and songwriter Julieta Venegas as she could not film the video due to her pregnancy.

The song is a joyous upbeat affair and while Nelly has been a little low profile for a while (apart from the odd “cut-and-paste-her-into-the-video” superstar collaboration), her Spanish language album Mi Plan has done remarkably well reaching Platinum status in the US and Argentina and twice Platinum in Chile. It was a risky move that paid off after Nelly hit superstar status back in 2006 with her Timbaland heavy third album Loose.


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