Jennifer Lopez and friends gush about her music career in VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’

Stunning Latina singer, actress, dancer, model and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez was featured on VH1’s Behind The Music recently where she discussed her career as a singer, dancer, model and businesswoman as well as her failed marriages, her current seemingly happy marriage with fellow singer Marc Antony, giving birth to twins Max and Emmy and her high profile relationships with Diddy and Ben Affleck. I’m not a huge J.Lo fan but the hour long video which can be viewed here is an interesting watch, especially if your a fan. (I’m sorry I couldn’t embed, WordPress ridiculously only lets me embed YouTube and Dailymotion videos).

I can’t believe J.Lo already has six albums under her belt. The seventh one Love? rather deservedly has a question mark after it as one wonders if it will be released at all. According to Wikipedia, it has a loose release date of Summer 2010 but with lead single Louboutins failing to crack the charts back in December and Jennifer leaving Sony for Def Jam, things just don’t look good. According to Behind The Music though, the 40-year old MILF singer feels like she’s recording her first record again which could be a good sign.

I enjoyed the documentary even though I felt like it focused too much on Jen’s personal life and not enough on her music as the title alludes. Also her mother is a total pushy parent and there’s no way I buy that schmaltzy crap about Jennifer understanding her mother’s viewpoint now she has her own kids.


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