Maroon 5 unleash the sadistic video for new single ‘Misery’

The boys from Maroon 5 are literally back with a bang and a smash in the video for their new single Misery. Taken from their forthcoming album Hands All Over, which you can see the cover art for above, the video is directed by Joseph Kahn.

The song pretty much sounds like every other up-tempo Maroon-5 song so expect some radio friendly funky pop actually played by a band with some super catchy falsetto heavy vocals from the smug and randy frontman Adam Levine. Unoriginal it may be but it’s a fun number for the Summer with “The girl you really got me bad…” refrain being particularly infectious.

As for the newly premiered music video for the song…well…I thought this was the most dysfunctional relationship I’d see on screen this week but Adam and his real life girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna give them a run for their money in the passionate, violent, primal sex stakes.

Anne might be a gorgeous model but she clearly has a lot in common with Kathy Bates from the film of the same name as this song.  We see her punch Adam, throw him off buildings and through glass windows, have him run over by cars, kick him in his manhood, stab him in the hand, shove his head in a sink full of water, shove his head in the door of a toilet cubicle, push him of a motorbike, fire a rocket launcher at him and throwing knives at him. All while looking like a total sexbomb clad in denim. For the ladies, Adam isn’t looking too bad either in a post-Grease outfit but with all his pouting into the camera, I’m sure he doesn’t need to be told.

I’ve decided I really like Joseph Kahn as a music video director. The cinematography is always sharp and colourful, his videos are always entertaining and they always have a sense of scope to them. For those of you who don’t know, Kahn has recently directed videos for Katy Perry’s California Gurls and Kylie Minogue’s All The Lovers.

The video is a lot of fun and full of slapstick comedy. Apart from a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Adam spitting out blood, for the most part the man is unscathed from all the attacks. In fact one such scene shows Anne stab Adam in the hand in a café and he just looks calmly at her before mounting her and engaging in some serious tongue on tongue action. Other sexy/violent scenes include some lip and ear biting. Obviously Adam likes it rough.

My only problem is that this video will probably be banned on many music channels or completely edited so that all the fun is taken out of it. Remember P!nk’s amazing black comedy video for the pyschotic Please Don’t Leave Me? All the delightful parts where she tortures him were completely removed, even after 9pm even though kids cartoons like Tom & Jerry show way worse. Also with Ciara’s mildly sexual video for Ride being banned everywhere, I don’t have much hope for the full music video to be shown in all it’s glory on TV so you’ll just have to check it out here below.



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