Marina & The Diamonds shows her kooky side in colourful new single ‘Oh No!’

Solo singer posing as a band Marina & The Diamonds premiered the video for her new single Oh No! a few days ago (yes, I’m late with news again!). The song is the third official single (and fifth single if you include promo singles Obsessions and Mowlgi’s Road) from her debut album The Family Jewels.

I’ll shamefacedly admit that this was a song I skipped over many times while listening to Marina’s patchy album but ever since it was announced as a single, a couple of weeks ago, I’ve given it a listen and after listening to the album in full, it is now my favourite track on the record so I’m delighted it will be available to buy as a single on 23rd July and 26th July in Ireland and UK respectively.

The video is a hoot which is a surprise because let’s face it – the Hollywood and I Am Not A Robot were nothing special. Directed by I Kissed A Girl director Kinga Burza, the clip is noticeably low budget but could just be one of the best videos of the year due to the charm and presence Marina displays.

Obviously consumerism and obsession with fame are the themes in the video, much like they were in hit single Hollywood. The really great thing about this promo is that Marina looked like she had a lot of fun filming it. She flirts with the camera, pulls off a number of ridiculous and sexy without being trashy costumes (that red dress really exenuates her boobs – hot!) and wears a pink TV on her head while dancing. The video seems to be inspired by cartoons and comic books judging by the colourful look and the pop-up captions remind me of the  infamous 1960s Batman TV show. You’ve got to love it.

With a top video and super catchy song after the more alternative I Am Not A Robot, can Marina see a rise to her profile in the charts again?


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