Paramore to release ‘Playing God’ as next single

According to the reliable Radio 1 website, punk pop band Paramore are set to release a fifth single from their album Brand New Eyes – the angry mid-tempo track Playing God on 20th September. The single will follow Careful which has been set for a 12th July release date. It is unknown if the single will be released outside of the UK and Ireland yet.

Five singles is the most the band have released from any of their albums so far so they must have continued faith in the current project. The album has hit the #1 spot in Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand while hitting #2 in their native US, Hayley is flying high on the charts having featured on B.o.B’s album and the singles have done moderately well so things are looking good for the band.

Playing God is a fan favourite but it doesn’t sway me really. It’s decent and I’d be more than happy to hear it on the radio but I would have preferred if they had gone with Turn It Off or the optimistic Where The Lines Overlap. But hey! Maybe there’s still time to release those two yet.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think about the choice to have Playing God as the next single?


One Response to Paramore to release ‘Playing God’ as next single

  1. Robert says:

    awesomesauce \o/ I agree with you that Turn It Off ir WTLO would be more effective singles mainstream-wise, but I love Playing God a lot so I’m happy it’s the new single. Seeing them again in November, it’s gonna be unreal :]

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