Hermione Granger and the boys from One Night Only go crazy in NYC!

A little bit of new music for you here with British band One Night Only. They are about to release their eponymous sophomore album and have managed to get lead singer George Craig’s girlfriend and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson to appear in the music video for its first single Say You Don’t Want It.

While I was listening to the song, I was thinking that this is just your typical indie rock track that offers nothing new to the table…and that might be true – but after just one listen I’ve found that the chorus is already stuck in my head and just won’t go away. Clearly the young band have a penchant for writing catchy choruses which should ensure a long duration in the music industry.

Now on to the video! If I were a cynical person I would almost assume that casting Emma Watson in the video is just a not-so-subtle way of getting exposure…but I’m sure that’s not the case! :O The video is very NME in style and sees the two Burberry models (George and Emma, their other day jobs) running wild around New York City. Pesky Brits!

BUT…*flails arms excitedly*…here’s the twist! If you’re watching ’til the end of the video and thinking “WTF?!”  then there’s some enlightenment at the end of the tunnel. There’s a Lady & The Tramp theme to the video…Emma obviously been the Lady and the Tramp being George. Y’see there actually dogs and that’s why George pointlessly went running into the convenience store, licking Emma’s face and that’s why two dogs turn up randomly at the end of the video with Emma (in dog form) being taken away by her owner. Looks like Hermione finally worked out how to become an Animagus? But damn it! She had to transform into a dog just as they were about to kiss! That girl is such a tease.

So enough rambling from me, what do you think of the song and video below? I think the video has a cute concept and the song is super catchy so do you think the song can do well even though indie music is sooooo 2006! The single is released on the 16th August with the album following a week later.


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