Who wants to watch some Glasto performances from credible artists?

For all those unfortunate not to be at renowned British music festival Glastonbury this weekend, I  have just the remedy to ease that pain a little. High quality live performances…by some of the more credible artists in the music industry today, which were performed yesterday on the first day of the festival.

First up is endearing indie pop princess Ellie Goulding. My relationship with Ellie is a bit hit and miss really as I find her Top 5 hit Starry Eyed became one of the most irritating songs of the year so far. However no complaints about the live performance of the track as Ellie really impressed me. Her vocals were on point and I really loved the extra drum solo she added into the song. It adds a whole new layer. Plus Ellie looked like she was really enjoying herself as the atmosphere looks incredible. And honestly, she looks the sexiest I’ve ever seen her! What is it about popstars looking so radiant all the time they’re playing at festivals? Probably because everyone in the audience is a blind drunken mess and has nothing in comparison.

Gorillaz were also there last night. They were quickly brought in as U2’s replacement after Bono injured his back. I know I’d much rather see the Gorillaz live over U2, especially having to stand through a live proportion of their most recent material. While, I’m a bit disappointed by the visuals used during Gorillaz performance of Stylo, it was a great performance with rapper Mos Def and soul singer Bobby Womack joining the virtual band onstage to unleash their scene stealing verses on the crowd. Damon Albarn, the main man behind Gorillaz, also sounds much better live than he does on CD, having witnessed for myself when I saw him live with Blur last year at Oxegen.

Finally we have Kele who performed his grower of a solo single Tenderoni live. Despite its many electronic influences, including on Kele’s voice, the Bloc Party frontman gave a fantastic performance of the song without resorting to miming.

Thanks to The Prophet Blog (one of the best blogs around) for breaking the story.


One Response to Who wants to watch some Glasto performances from credible artists?

  1. Robert says:

    omg ellie, when did you get so sexy O_o And yes, she does sound incredible!

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