Christina Aguilera unveils artwork for new single ‘You Lost Me’

EDIT: You Lost Me will be released as the next single in the UK and Ireland in September. It’s pretty safe to say it will probably be released Worldwide, except in Australia.

It looks like someone snapped a picture of Christina Aguilera while she was crying over the poor sales figures for Bionic because it’s being used as the artwork for her new US single You Lost Me.

Beautiful artwork aside (no sarcasm really!), this track sees Xtina ditch the trashy electropop sound of Not Myself Tonight for her forté of ballads with the beautiful and sublime You Lost Me. I really like this haunting lullaby as it showcases Aguilera’s vocals without the crazy vocal histronics. You can listen to the album version below.

However, the genius marketing team behind Bionic mustn’t think the track is mainstream enough so the song has got the remix treatment for  radio, adding a few drum claps here and there, giving the song a more contemporary R&B feel. I know I prefer the album version. Listen to the remix below.

You Lost Me Radio Remix by TPBSecretLeaks

In Australia, I Hate Boys is being released as the next single which is a juvenile and lyrically inappropriate dance track that sounds ridiculous coming from a 29-year old married mother of one. Take a listen below to hear the monstrosity.

There is no word on what the next single will be outside the US and Australia though. If you’ve listened to Bionic, what would you like to see as the next single after the poor performance of Not Myself Tonight and the single that never was Woo-Hoo? I hear it’s quite the eclectic (yet inconsistent) album so there should be something in there for everyone.


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