Katy Perry also claims top spot in Ireland, Eminem raps his way to the top of the Albums Chart

It looks like Katy Perry has #1s across the board with her Dr. Luke produced California Gurls. The single which was released in my native homeland of Ireland last Friday, has shot straight to the top of the charts, joining the US, Canada and Australia in the process. Even if you’re not a fan of Katy, praise needs to be given for knocking the God-awful Stereo Love by Romanian nobodies Edward Maya and Vicky Jigulina the boot.

The rest of the Top 10 singles chart is made up of the aforementioned duo at #3 and K’nann at #2 with his World Cup anthem Wavin’ Flag. Interestingly, Eminem and Rihanna’s album collaboration Love The Way You Lie has shot straight to #4. The track is rumoured to be the second single from the album and considering it’s got this far on digital downloads alone, I have no doubt that that’s exactly what the record company will do. The track is fantastic so I am anticipating the announcement any day now. Other tracks in the Top 10 are the current singles by Lady GaGa, Eminem, David Guetta, Example, B.o.B.’s Airplanes and Jason Derulo.

New entries include Enrique Iglesias’ Auto-Tune flooded, RedOne produced I Like It, Scissor Sisters’ anthemic Fire With Fire, Diddy’s Hello Good Morning and out of nowhere Get It Up by Young Swayzz and T. Coles whoever they are.

The albums chart sees Eminem at the top spot with his promising comeback album Recovery while Mumford & Sons, Glee, Lady GaGa, AC/DC, Florence + The Machine and Paolo Nutini continuing their chokehold on the Top 10 album charts. Some reasonably new blood makes it  in their though with the latest compilation from the now-defunt Oasis at #3 and the new Miley Cyrus album at #5.

The Indie Album Chart is ruled by Villagers Becoming A Jackal and the Compilation Album Chart is ruled by NOW That’s What I Call Music 75.

Now seeing as we’re halfway through the year, let’s look at all the #1s that have hit the Irish Singles Chart in the last half of the year.

01. Joe McElderry: The Climb (2 weeks)

Considering the brainwashing capabilities popularity of The X-Factor, this was bound to be #1 because Ireland didn’t give into the genius Facebook campaign of putting Rage Against The Machine there instead. SMH! As you’d expect, Joe McElderry’s cover of Miley Cyrus’ The Climb was just another soulless marketing campaign by Simon Cowell to continue his Empire. Joe is a capable voiced singer but this is probably the worst X-Factor single ever, hence why everyone’s already referring to Joe as a flop.

02. Lady GaGa: Bad Romance (1 week)

GaGa came back for a second run at #1  with this infectious but massively overplayed track, after McElderry stole her thunder.

03. Owl City: Fireflies (2 weeks)

This catchy yet whispery little ditty was wonderful when first released but Adam Young’s emo vocals started to grate quick.

04. Jedward featuring Vanilla Ice: Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) (4 non-consecutive weeks)

Only sheer patriotism from the Irish people saw these idiots spend so long at #1 and in the Top 10. Terrible. There better not be repetition when All The Small Things is released.

05. Helping Haiti: Everybody Hurts (1 week)

This suprisingly good cover of REM’s Everybody Hurts by Simon Cowell’s X-Factor and BGT protegés and regular guests was a worthwhile charity single that put a short-lived dent in Jedward’s success. This had astoundingly little promotion which is why it’s success didn’t last long.

06. Boyzone: Gave It All Away (2 non-consecutive weeks)

This reggae-tinged ballad rose to the #1, being the first single to be released from the Boyz following the tragic death of Stephen Gately.

07. Lady GaGa featuring Beyoncé: Telephone (4 weeks)

Lady GaGa scored her fourth Irish #1 in this fast-paced superstar duet, which I still love to this very day despite it’s level of overexposure.

08. Glee Cast: Gives You Hell (1 week)

The Glee Cast have been making dents in the chart ever since the FOX musical dramedy appeared on-screen but this was their first Irish #1 thanks to an impassioned vocal delivery by Lea Michelle.

09. Usher featuring will.i.am.: OMG (2 weeks)

This stinking piece of shit also made it to #1 in Ireland…DESPITE BEING ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!

10. Train: Hey Soul Sister (1 week)

Train scored their first hit in years with this radio friendly folk pop-rock track. A deserved one at that.

11. Alexandra Burke featuring Pitbull: All Night Long (1 week)

Alexandra’s stunning but sadly fleeting pop single got to #1 before being knocked off by…

12. Edward Maya featuring Vika Jigulina: Stereo Love (3 weeks)

…this piece of shit! Honestly this accordion heavy trance number is so bad even Eurovision would sneer at it. I’m guessing people just accidentally bought this of iTunes…or else I’ve lost faith in humanity.

13. Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg: California Gurls (1 week so far)

Katy Perry is the big breasted saviour of humanity. Just like Wonderwoman.

So what do you think of the various Irish Album and Singles Charts? Do you agree or disagree with how well (or how bad) a record is doing? What do you think of this year’s #1s so far?

For full news on the chart: visit irma.ie.


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