Kelly Rowland gets her dance on in the OFFICIAL premiere of her ‘Commander’ video

Kelly Rowland Commander e1273925340638 New Video: Kelly Rowland   Commander (Official Version)

It leaked weeks ago but finally Kelly Rowland’s team have launched the official premiere for the former Destiny’s Child singer’s new Commander video. Commander will the first international single to be taken from the singer’s third studio album with the imaginative title of…Kelly Rowland. I bet we’ll be hearing some guff about how she chose that name for the album because it 100% represents her as a person or something to that effect.

Regardless of bullshit, Commander is an absolute smash and might just be one of my favourite pop songs of the year. The David Guetta produced track isn’t exactly trying anything new or fresh but the production is made for the club, Kelly’s vocals are larger than life, the lyrics are filled with sass and there’s just the right amount of Auto-Tune so the song sounds ‘futuristic’ instead of  ‘current’.

The video is also a winner. Kelly has certainly planned on relaunching herself with a bang. The clip below sees her jumping through glass, getting involved in a dance-off with herself (reminiscent of Destiny’s Child’s Lose My Breath) and just generally looking all round sexy.

My one complaint is David Guetta – why does this man have to appear in every video he’s involved in? The 42-year old DJ is just seen bobbing around in the background, looking like a crazed fan. He’s not singing, dancing well or acting in the videos so just give it a rest and disappear like the majority of famous DJs. I don’t like how David Guetta has a feature credit on this song either. It completely undermines Kelly as a solo artist. Since when did producers deserve a feature credit. Ridiculous.

Commander is being released as the first international single from Kelly Rowland. The single should be released, or on the verge of release, everywhere now.

In the US, however, Kelly has taken a different approach, releasing dual singles in Grown Woman and Rose Coloured Glasses. Despite dance music being at it’s most popular in the US, Kelly has decided to avoid the risk of flopping and has chosen the more traditionally favoured radio friendly R&B.

I don’t know how they’ll do but hopefully well. Kelly doesn’t deserve to do badly when she has just as much talent as her superstar former bandmate Beyoncé.

Watch Commander below and have a listen to Grown Woman and Rose Coloured Glasses below.


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