‘Bang Bang Bang’! Mark Ronson’s back!

It’s a busy day for music videos today. The first one here is the new music video for Mark Ronson’s new single with his band The Business Intl, Bang Bang Bang which features American alternative rapper Q-Tip and quirky singer MNDR. Ronson has ditched the 2006 trend of jazzy music like Oh My God and Valerie for the current 2010 trend of ’80s synthpop.

Rather than criticise Ronson for jumping on bandwagons, I’m going to compliment him for making this fantastic song. Bang Bang Bang is so ’80s, it hurts! As is its fantastic video – which resembles a live action ’80s cartoon. The Business Intl are a band to keep an eye on, too.

Mark Ronson’s new album, The Record Collection, will be available this September. In a departure from his earlier albums, there will be “no covers” on this record. Hopefully, Mark has more gems like Bang Bang Bang on the album. And hopefully he continues to step his game up with his music videos because this goes down alongside Gorillaz, Lady GaGa and Black Eyed Peas as one of the videos of the year.


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