A little taster of Eminem’s ‘Recovery’

Arrrggghhh! I’m falling so far behind on posts thanks to my easygoing yet rather tedious new job. Eminem has released his new single Not Afraid. The single is a solid yet unspectacular return to form for the rapper and the video contains lots of images of Eminem being super sombre and angry looking. I do like the bit at the end where the city basically falls apart and Eminem flies around it, essentially becoming a superhero and reinventing himself. It gives me hope that Marshall is serious about returning to his roots and ditching the tired “ehhh” Relapse sound behind.

Watch the video below:

Probably the two most noteworthy songs on the album have leaked also – those being the collaborations with female popstars P!nk and Rihanna.

Listen to Eminem featuring P!nk: Won’t Back Down

I really hope this is released as the next single. I thought it would have a more mainstream feel to it but it doesn’t. P!nk’s smoky biker vocals sound great against Eminem’s harsh, fast paced rapping.

Listen to Eminem featuring Rihanna: Love The Way You Lie

Love The Way You Lie appears to reference domestic abuse, a theme Eminem and Rihanna are both familiar with. Loving the chorus to this, I don’t know if it’s studio magic but Rihanna appears to be getting more versatile with her vocals.  This has a really epic radio friendly chorus, I hope its released this Winter.

I have so much more information to share but its just going to have to wait ’til a later date. I’m up early in the morning you see and need sleep.


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